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Eglwys Brewis Road safety concerns

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My contribution to the Eglwys Brewis Road safety concerns from residents

Image: Eglwys Brewis Village that joins Eglwys Brewis Road
Image Source: Geograph


Subject: 5652754 - Road Safety
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 14:31:22 +0100
From: David A Elston <>

Dear Vale of Glamorgan Council

I have been approached by residents regarding some road safety issues.

As you may be aware a community mapping survey took place with over 200 responses and we believe to have reached approximately 400 people. One of the serious and obvious trends was a concern over road safety in St Athan Community.

EU Referendum - Silence Broken

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It's a miserable day down here in South Wales. Rain, then humidity, then more rain... warm rain at that.

Amongst it all, amazingly a man had cycled part way up the A48 with a gigantic “Vote Leave” banner and was standing in this sticky rain, in high-vis. I thought because he seemingly believed so strongly in getting us out being the right thing to do and he wanted to express that to others.


I parked up and took a bit of a walk over and asked with a smile “Hello. Are we voting Leave?” and we shared a laugh over the obvious answer.

I asked the man why and he had a three pronged approach:

  1. We aren't a self-respecting country
  2. We cannot control our own laws or taxes
  3. We cannot control our own boarders

I was a bit puzzled and asked... “...can't we?”. He explained the EU does all that. He further explained that because of the six presidents of the EU which I won't be able to name even one of them (I could and did but that's not important, his point was most people can't and I happen to agree there) we have given away our sovereignty and we have been defeated over 75~ times.

What a difference a Dave makes

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While our single Pirate MEP delivers huge reform across Europe, I'm making my own little humble contribution down here in South Wales.

Before I write any further, I think it's important to answer the question of expenses. I have travelled quite a bit over South Wales, especially recently and that does beg the question on if I am claiming for this travel, especially as a community councillor is an unpaid government role.

I want to say on the record, that I have never claimed any expenses while being a member of the Pirate Party UK. I have not claimed any from the public purse through my community council, none from the party itself and when offered expenses from institutions such as the University of Bath after a recent talk there, I kindly declined. Politicians have a bad reputation over expenses and I did not want to contribute to that, regardless of how legitimate a claim may be.

Anyway, enough bureaucracy and more on what's been happening!

Aquatrine PFI response

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Recently residents approached me regarding a large fee that was deemed "necessary" for them to pay by the Aquatrine PFI Team with Ministry of Defence letter heads.


The letter was brief, confusing and seemingly did not take into account historical agreements with residents. I later recieved the same letter.






















Tooting By-Election - Could You #BeThePirate?

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Ahoy Pirates!

Are you based in South-West London? Do you have a desire to experience a Parliamentary By-Election from the inside?
If so, could YOU be the Pirate candidate to contest the Tooting By-Election?

We need someone who would be willing to attend hustings (if any take place), do some campaigning in the seat, and use it as a real opportunity to raise the Party's profile (and yours) in this area of London as well as in the wider media.

There is a very short timeframe for this - and so we need to hear from you urgently if you are interested so that we can confirm your suitability and complete the required forms.

You can get in touch to say that you are interested, or just to find out more about what is involved by contacting

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Mark Chapman
Pirate Party UK - Deputy Nominating Officer