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Wales Bill: Two Steps Forward One Step Back

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Today the Wales Bill passed in the Senedd with a vote of 38 to 17.

Perhaps the most exciting piece of this bill, is that it does make it possible for us to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in Welsh elections.

For me this is one of the big differences between Wales and England; how we treat our young people. At 16 you can drive a moped, join the armed forces, work full time, buy bonds, donate blood, have a passport, leave home, choose a GP and in Wales, as well as having control over your career, being able to leave school at 16, you may soon be able to vote on the very thing that controls all those other liberties.

Scrap the Severn Bridge Toll - and fix our roads!

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While the Secretary of State for Wales is content in the Severn Bridge tolls being struck in half, and others say slashed further again, I believe they should be scrapped completely and the profits they have been making while letting the debt be idle, used to fix our roads.

The Severn Bridge Toll has been a thorn in Wales' literal side no doubt having some impact both on job seekers and employees travelling accross the boarder but also to tourism.

In May 2013 the debt still stood at £88 million pounds but by 2015 this figure still hadn’t moved, despite them pocketing a £140 million windfall. In fact, over 2010 to 2014, net toll revenue was £411.6 million.

Originally the private bridges were due to fall into public ownership by 2018, when the debt would need to be paid off in full.

Smacking Ban Law

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This time two years ago the smacking ban law plan for Wales was dropped and we were left with the rather ambiguous decision that if you smacked a child, it was permitted by the state so long as you did not leave a mark - which is rather subjective as certain skin colours show different degrees of markings and some parts of the body can be dealt a large degree of pain without any obvious physical marks. The smacking ban has intermittently appeared in debates for years and the assembly always considers flexing what little legislative power it has to simply ban it.

From the suburbs - Hertfordshire - Welwyn Garden City

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I've been a member since 2015, but more lurking in the background checking it out as all felt a little too chaotic to get involved with to any great extent and to be perfectly frank I didn't really know what I could add at that point so didn't add to the noise!

To briefly explain a little about myself by way of an introduction...

Work: I spent 20ish years in Corporate running various IT/Web based departments mainly web based development projects, probably the best known. I now run a Web Development Agency,, we work primarily through third party agencies as a white labelled resource and do everything from website builds, eCommerce builds, Digital Marketing, Email marketing, Hosting etc and everything in between. We're in our 9th year as a business now and growing at a decent pace, everybody needs nerds!

New Beginnings

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Hello fellow Pirates

I hope you all had Merry Christmas and a happy new year - thankfully it seems this Pirate didn't it on to Santa's naughty list this time around and I wasn't left with just coal.


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