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Time for Parliament to act on Mass Surveillance

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We hear all the time that the British public don't care about mass surveillance, privacy and Edward Snowden, but we know that's not true. It may be that those inside the Westminster bubble have been able to hide from how people really feel up to now, but it's time to change that.
It's time for members of Parliament to stand up, be counted, and support our freedoms.

We are asking you to contact your Member of Parliament to ask them to support Early Day Motion 147. It need not take long, the important thing is you tell them how you feel on this issue. Not all MPs can sign EDMs, front benchers don't as a rule, but it is still important that you take this opportunity to let them know you care about mass surveillance.

Pirate Party UK – 5 Years Old Today

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Astrology based Medicine? Not on our watch!

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Astrology - on the NHS - You've got to be kidding right? Unfortunately not if a senior Tory MP has his way. David Tredinnick - MP for Bosworth in Leicestershire and a prominent member of the Health Select Committee has publicly spoken [1] of his belief in astrology and his desire to incorporate it into medicine.

Thanks For The Support

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For the big parties it seems that their donors are all too often controversial or something they would rather not draw attention to. Well here at Pirate Party UK we are “powered by” small donations from the grassroots. We're proud to say thanks to the people who donated to our European election campaign . As we pointed out, even just standing in one region costs £5k.