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Decriminalising Copying for Private Use: PPUK Response to the Judicial Review

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It all seems innocent enough.  The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills introduces a new section (“Section 28B”) into the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (“CDPA 1988”), which creates an exception to copyright based on personal private use. From now on, said the Government, any person who legitimately acquires content (music, film, books) can copy that content for his or her own private use without infringing copyright. It can be copied onto other formats or stored in the cloud provided it is for private, non-commercial use. It can be reproduced without even the theoretical risk of that person being pursued as an infringer of copyright. Where’s the harm in that?

Standing for the board of governors again

Following the process given here:

The is me posting to my personal blog that I'm standing for re-election to the board of governors of the party in the mid 2015 election.

If you want to discuss this, or ask me questions, the place I'm most likely to see your post and reply to it is here:

May the best 12 people win!

TTIP News – Good, Bad and Ugly

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During the election one of the top issues in terms of voter emails I received was TTIP, and the dangers it poses to public health, labour protection, the environment, digital rights and the very way our democracy operates. Chiefly this was because the campaign was championed by 38 Degrees, but even so it was striking as TTIP was not part of the mainstream debate during #GE2015. As with ACTA, grassroots activists have been quicker to see the problems with international deals cooked up behind closed doors.

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Full Board of Governors Election 2015

Trevor grew up in the Midlands and has lived in the South West for the past ten years. He's a full-time employee and a father.

Trevor's probably just about as disappointed as the next (wo)man regarding British politics. His local area (close to Bristol city centre) has arguably fared less disastrously than some geographical areas. However, he observes that life across the country can be inconvenienced by the same imposed constraints on society. Such constraints may include:


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As you may know, Pirate Party UK are currently running internal elections for the Board of Governors and a number of NEC roles. The Governors' job is to interpret and amend the constitution, and steer the party accordingly; the NEC are there to put it into practice, and execute the will of the party. All of these roles are extremely important to making the party work.