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Moving on

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Some of you may have noticed things have gone a bit quiet recently, and may be wondering where we've been. It has been a long few months for me, and I have to apologise to the party for being absent. To many of you, however, the contents of this post should come as no surprise.

I officially took over as leader in the beginning of July, but I was actually working hard behind the scenes for several months before that, both during the GE and after Loz stepped down. Things went well for a while, and we had some success after the general election. We closed down the PPUK office and cut back on all outgoings, in order to reduce the massive, debilitating debt that the general election left us in. We made grand plans and started reforming the party structure. We streamlined some operations, and ran some good campaigns - including our first ever joint venture with the Open Rights Group. We even managed to claw our way out of debt (thanks to our dedicated supporters).

Three hundred years of piracy: why academic books should be free

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I think academic books should be free.

It's not a radically new proposal, but I'd like to clarify what I mean by "free". First, there's the financial sense: books should be free in that there should be no cost to either the author or the reader. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, books should be free in terms of what the reader can do with them: copying, sharing, creating derivative works, and more.

I'm not going to go down the murky road of what exactly a modern academic book actually is. I'm just going to take it for granted that there is such a thing, and that it will continue to have a niche in the scholarly ecosystem of the future, even if it doesn't have the pre-eminent role it has at present in some disciplines, or even the same form and structure. (For instance, I'd be pretty keen to see an academic monograph written in Choose Your Own Adventure style.)

Clear As Mud

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by Danfox Davies 4.10.2015 / Southampton, UK and Bucharest, Romania

Green Party Conference - No Lessons Learned for Wales

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Pippa started with giving props, as I suppose all leaders do by saying they had an incredible year in Wales. Most of the successes she talks of are of course true but she doesn't acknowledge any failures, areas of growth or what the Greens in Wales need to do in order to become more electable. There was no mention of needing to find candidates to fill all areas and stop standing paper candidates that ride in on Green Party popularity. Perhaps most concerning, the Greens were the party that lost the most deposits in GE2015 and wasted a drastic amount of money. Rather than taking the Lib Dem's approach of fielding candidates with strong local support and punching through in a swing seat, they just carpet bombed the entire UK.

Consultation for Responsible Recreation

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Welsh Government's consultation "Improving opportunities to access the outdoors for responsible recreation"
Consultation ended: 02/10/2015
How we respond:
The Pirate Party UK and the Pirate Party of Wales (Plaid Môr-leidr Cymru) welcomes this consultation and the opportunity it provides for the people of Wales to influence the Government's thinking on these matters.