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Nominations x2

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Hello fellow Pirates

I wish to stand for Chairperson of the Pirate Party Bridgend branch.

As I understand it, branches decide their own chairpersons, so unless contested I believe I have this by default.

I also, simaltaniously wish to express my intention to stand and nominate myself for the Pirate Party Wales Spokesperson, speaking on behalf of the Pirates based in Wales

Local Debates not Leaders' Debates

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Anyone would think we are going to elect a president next year. Politicos, the media and the Twittersphere have been obsessing about the format of the Leaders' debates in the run up to the General Election.

What this has really been about is the largest forces in UK politics, from the Tories to the Greens promoting their own self interest rather than really doing what would reinvigorate creaking British democracy.

Cycling Superhighways - on course for a collision of vested interests?

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This is ostensibly an article about cycling in London - but even if neither cycling, nor London floats your boat and you are tempted to turn away - don't. For it actually reveals a lot about those vested interests that try to move things their way in a hidden manner, instead of being willing to be open and democratic about things.

By way of some background, the Mayor of London (Boris himself) has been pushing a relatively pro-cycling agenda at City Hall, and in particular what are called Cycle Superhighways. Up until now these have basically consisted of some blue paint at the side of a main road, with the occasional diversion around a major junction.

The next suggested phase however is for what many cycling organisations have been calling for for a while - genuinely segregated cycle lanes. There is currently a consultation process for what has been dubbed 'Crossrail for Bikes' - an 18mile segregated cycle lane from Tower Hill along the Embankment, past Westminster, Hyde Park and all the way out to Acton.

Introducing our new Community site!

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Community LogoAs part of our ongoing work to totally revamp our websites, I'm pleased to announce the launch of!