Digital Economy and Digital Rights

Everybody should benefit from the digital revolution. At the moment the UK is behind the curve.  Rather than focusing on access and capability, the Government has decided to limit our rights online, hampering our ability to make use of the internet to its fullest and hamstringing business. 

We need to invest in truly world class infrastructure. The goal is fibre to every home and business, and public WiFi where it is needed. The rolling out of public WiFi is a priority and, like street lighting, it is possible if we want it to happen. Together we can get Britain connected.

Laws like the Digital Economy Act threaten to cut off whole families from digital opportunity, all to support businesses that have failed to adapt to the reality of a connected world.  It's time to stop the blocking of web sites. It is arbitrary censorship with no positive benefits. Rather than putting unnecessary burdens on digital businesses, we can get the real digital economy moving, creating new jobs and encouraging small businesses to export internationally via the Internet. We can grow the digital economy and make it possible for all to take part. 

Consumers should be protected. The problem of misleading broadband advertising should be tackled, with a right to pay only for the broadband connectivity actually delivered. The 'locking' of electronic devices should be seen as anti-competitive. The principle of a neutral and open Internet should be protected. That is how business and our shared culture will grow.

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