A justice system that isn't available to everyone is not a justice system at all.  The current trend towards setting up barriers to access is worrying, and we want to see it stopped. Cuts to legal aid must be reversed, to preserve access for the most vulnerable in our society. Instead, legal fees should be capped.

We deserve an impartial justice system, accountable police officers and a fair system for dealing with those convicted of offences.

Public consent is the cornerstone of such a justice system. Much is made of community policing, but priorities need to be set with the whole community, not just a few people. Consultation and involvement needs to be more inclusive, seeking out groups who are under-represented. Agreed priorities should be updated regularly and set out clearly.  CCTV is becoming ever more intrusive and expensive, but it is far from effective. Money wasted on cameras should be used to reverse police cuts.  

There should not be any political interference in the everyday working of the police, and the expensive Tory imposed police commissioners should be abolished. The CPS and Director of Public Prosecution's duty to consider public interest in prosecutions should be strengthened. We must see an end to costly and unnecessary cases like the Twitter Joke Trial. An action plan should be prepared on how to reduce deaths in custody and through contacts with the police.   

Unjust extradition arrangements must also be reworked to protect our citizens from disproportionate and inappropriate requests from foreign governments. In particular, the current UK-US treaty is weighted against British citizens, and is due for change to protect us all.

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