Restoring Trust In Government

Our democracy is in real danger. All too few people take part and vote. It's time to reverse the trend of just a few people calling the shots. This has to start with trusting young people and bringing in voting from 16. All the main parties promised us long overdue reform of the House of Lords, but seem unable to act due to Westminster bickering. Let's all be involved in working out how we want to be governed, based on equality and fair representation. When all else fails constituents should be able to force a by-election if they have lost confidence in their MP.

It is time to end the "pass the buck culture". It should be transparent who is responsible for which decisions and who will take responsibility when there are problems. We all take responsibility for our actions; it is time that those in government did so too.

We can't ask you to trust the government, but we can promise to work to make government more trustworthy. We should expand 'open data's. Government and council information that concerns us should be shared with us. If our government fails us, people should have the right to expose it and we should protect the rights of whistleblowers. 

Freedom of Information laws must be protected, strengthened and expanded. The 'right to know' should apply wherever our money is being spent and that must include private contractors. We've seen how outsourcing can let us down with G4S security for the Olympics, so it is important that it is possible to renegotiate contracts or get rid of suppliers when they fail us.

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