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National Press Releases

  • Tuesday, 8 April, 2014 - 11:30

    The Court of Justice of the European Union today declared that the Data Retention Directive is incompatible with the Union's Charter of Fundamental Rights after a reference by Irish and Austrian courts.

    The Court found that the Directive "entails an interference with the fundamental rights of practically the entire European population", concluding that there is a "is there a general absence of limits" in the legislation.

    The Pirate Party are calling for the complete abolition of the Data Retention Directive and similar laws in the United Kingdom and across the European Union...

  • Saturday, 5 April, 2014 - 09:00

    The Pirate Party's Loz Kaye will be speaking at the launch of the Swedish Pirate Party's (piratpartiet) campaign for the May 2014 European Parliamentary Elections.  Speaking in Stockholm at 11:30 CET, he will be joined by Swedish party leader Anna Troberg and MEPs Christian Engström and Amelia Andersdotter.

    PiratPartiet was founded in 2006 and its early successes and political aims inspired the rise of Pirate Parties with similar goals in Europe and around the world, as well as the formation of an international Pirate movement.

    Pirate Party UK Leader Loz Kaye said:...

  • Thursday, 3 April, 2014 - 10:45

    MEPs voted to establish Net Neutrality in the EU as part of the Telecoms Single Market Regulation.  Net Neutrality requires Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally regardless of the source.

    Net Neutrality has fostered competition and levelled the playing field online. Formalising it in law will prevent ISPs from hindering access to online services, like email, video on demand or online shopping where it competes with their own, or where the service provider hasn't paid extra for special treatment.

    Today's vote will begin the process to enshrine net neutrality...

  • Monday, 31 March, 2014 - 21:30

    Significant questions are being raised by recent actions of the City of London Police over their increasing private enforcement activities for copyright lobby groups. Their latest initiative is the development of an online database of websites 'verified' as being illegal with the aim of online advertisers using the databse to restrict where their adverts will be displayed. 

    Pirate Party UK's Andrew Norton said:

    "Exactly who verifies sites as being illegal and by which jurisdiction;...

  • Friday, 28 March, 2014 - 13:30

    There's More to Life than Nick v Nigel

    The Pirate Party will be standing in the upcoming May 22nd European Parliament elections in the North West region.  

    First on the Pirate Party North West list is Maria Aretoulaki. She runs her own IT consultancy as well as being a dubstep DJ and promoter. Born in Greece, Dr Aretoulaki speaks 4 languages and has lived in 3 different EU countries.

    Next on the list are George Walkden, lecturer in linguistics at Manchester University and  Pirate Party Manchester organiser and Europe spokesperson Jack Allnutt...