If there isn't an established branch close to you listed below, don't worry! There is plenty to do with the central party virtually or you could consider setting up your own branch.

  1. Post on the Community Site that you'd like to find other people in your local area, perhaps to start a branch.
  2. Jump into Discord and live chat with fellow Pirates, maybe a guy knows a guy near you!
  3. If you're happy to hold the reins on starting a branch, consider being a spokesperson for your local area and announce your intention in your own blog - don't forget to let our Leader's Office know!
  4. Standing for election is a great way to use the platform to bring in new people. You can #BeThePirate
  5. Inside or outside of election periods, leaflet dropping is always an option. We can send you leaflets for local distribution.
  6. Maybe work with our press team to work on something to submit to your local paper


Established Branches