About Elections

There are many situations where the Party would need to run internal elections, for example selecting members who will hold positions on the National Executive Committee (run at least every two years), selecting members who will hold the position of Governor on the Board of Governors (at least every five years), and candidate ratification for external elections.

Here only members of the Party will be able to view elections, and participate if they wish. This can range from nominating themselves as a candidate in certain elections, to voting.

You can find out more about how we run internal party elections by taking a look at the internal elections process, or for further detail the Party Constitution.

If multiple roles are up for election at once, a member may second up to one candidate for each NEC position, as long as they are not themselves standing in that election, but may only second up to one candidate in a Board election, regardless of the number of Governor slots available, and may only second a candidate if they are themselves not standing in the Board election.


We are not currently running any internal elections but to see what positions are open for nominations, check here.