Adrian Farrel

Adrian Farrel has been a member of Pirate Party UK and was elected as a Governor of the Board in 2015.

Adrian is a specialist in standardisation of the protocols that make the Internet work and has contributed to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) since 1998. For six years until March 2015 he served as a Routing Area Director on the Internet Engineering Steering Group with additional special interest in expanding the geographic scope and participation for the IETF.

The author of five technical books and a frequent presenter at conferences around the world, Adrian has particular interest in inclusivity and unfettered access to the Internet. This leads him to be involved supporting the activities of the Internet Society and participating in the Global Access to the Internet for All (GAIA) research group.

"I see the Pirate Party as the only political movement that recognises the step change in society that the Internet brings. It understands that connectivity to the Internet, freedom of speech, and access to information are inalienable rights. The Pirate Party in the UK is still young and needs to be nurtured as it grows. I hope that, as a Governor, I can help to steer it and retain stability as it becomes a serious player in British politics."

Chair of the Board