Ahoy Pirates! - November Update

Ahoy Pirates!

Welcome to all our new members that have joined us over the last few months, and apologies to our long-standing members for the length of time that it's been since our last communication.

It feels like there has been a lot happening in the political sphere both in the UK and Abroad - with Brexit, Pirates in Iceland, Trump, and then this week the Snoopers Charter / IPBill being passed, with barely more than a whimper of opposition. 
You can see the Press Releases that we put out over the last few months here: https://pirateparty.org.uk/press-release and our Press Hits here:https://pirateparty.org.uk/party/press-hits

We have also been refreshing our Youtube channel to encourage new viewers and members - check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/ThePirateParty

As with all of these things we need more people getting involved in helping - could you provide a quote for a press release, or come up with a video concept? One of the ways of finding out what's happening and getting involved is to chat to us on Discord http://discord.gg/ZtPYHHw.

For those of you that are London based, if you want to meet up with other Pirates in person (and why would you not) then join our Meetup group.http://www.meetup.com/Pirate-Party-London-Meetups/

One of our local members in Bournemouth is looking to build up a local branch in that area - if you're around there then get in touch and help push the Pirate message - leave him a message on our community site. https://community.pirateparty.org.uk/discussion/347/bournemouth-poole-areas

We are also starting to look for candidates willing to stand in the local elections next May. These are principally in Scotland, Wales, and the more rural areas of England. If you're interested in standing as a local candidate, or just want to know more then get in touch and we can start to prepare and get ready. Please contact Nominations (mailto:[email protected] ) in order to find out more.

We are always looking for our members to do more and get involved - if you're on social media then like/follow us via @PiratePartyUK and spread the messages that we send out. Start a chat about getting a branch going in your local area, or write a blog post about how Pirate principles could influence some area of public policy that you know about.

Finally, with an awareness that Christmas is rapidly approaching we've recently lowered the prices by as much as 20% - so why not visit our Zazzle store (https://www.zazzle.co.uk/piratepartyuk/products) and get some Pirate Party loot to help spread the Pirate message to your friends and family.

Whatever works for you - get involved, get active and let's get this party moving!