Andreas Habeland


Aside from when he studied his pharmaceutical science degree in Leicester, Andreas moved to London from Germany in 1999 with his parents and has lived here ever since. He now works as a systems administrator for a social media start-up.

Andreas achieved a respectable 0.8% of the vote in his first election, standing in a by-election in Westminister.








Copyright reform - format shifting

Andreas saw that copyright reform was needed from an early age. As a child he noticed it seemed odd that teachers were only allowed to photocopy a certain amount of pages from textbooks. Later on, he found that tapes, CDs and DVDs were completely off-limits for copying, even if they were simply transferring the already bought content from one platform to another.

Copyright reform - academic paywalls

Knowledge being freely available is something Andreas feels strongly about and finds it very frustrating that scientific papers are hidden behind paywalls. While Andreas did not personally suffer from paywalls in this way, he does not subscribe to the thought that just because it was not difficult for him does not mean there is not a shortage of people who cannot afford to access these materials. Andreas believes research papers were not only interesting but essential to passing his degree and everyone should be free to enjoy and benefit from this kind of knowledge.

Copyright reform - EU harmonisation

Andreas points to the fact that copyright duration is not uniform throughout the EU; Anne Frank's Diary not being in the public domain is just one example of bad copyright and shows that radical copyright reform is needed and the Pirate Party should be the driving force behind it.

Privacy, stop and search

Mass surveillance and encryption are also of great concern and Andreas has been following the issue closely ever since the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) has required us to disclose encryption keys to the police when asked to do so. Andreas was personally appalled when the police started abusing RIPA in order to stop and search photographers who were engaging in their hobby.

Affordable housing

Closer to home for Andreas, there is a lack of affordable housing in Westminster. The housing stock is being bought up by foreign investors who never use the properties and only drive up prices. This results in many people being unable to buy their own home in or even close to the area they were raised. If local authorities are unable to build more social and/or affordable housing, there should at least be controls on the amount of rent which can be increased for properties in certain areas.