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Latest Amendments to the Party Constitution Pass

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After being put to member vote the results for the latest amendments to the Party constitution are now available. Members voted in favour of accepting all of the proposed amendments and the new Constitution is now available.

As an immediate consequence of these amendments the following must occur:

  • The NEC must have a Code of Practive which should refer to all voting NEC positions other than Leader & Deputy
  • The Board must empanel a Financial Oversight Committee - it does already informally have one but this must become an official one
  • Nominations for Deputy Leader must open as soon as practicable
  • The NEC must designate a voting NEC member who is responsible to the party for the management of the party's finances - it may do this via its Code of Practice

PPUK leaves PPI

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After a good three years of working with PPI to try to resolve some of the issues both we and other members have had with that body, we've run into a bit of a wall. In short, reform of PPI has been slow to the point of non-existent. The problems we identified over the years remain far from solved and in some cases have become worse. This led to the board making it clear that they see PPI as an organisation that is at odds with our own party's principles. The NEC in turn discussed the current situation and the board's statement, and acted in the only appropriate way possible. They have withdrawn PPUK from PPI.


Time for Parliament to act on Mass Surveillance

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We hear all the time that the British public don't care about mass surveillance, privacy and Edward Snowden, but we know that's not true. It may be that those inside the Westminster bubble have been able to hide from how people really feel up to now, but it's time to change that.
It's time for members of Parliament to stand up, be counted, and support our freedoms.

We are asking you to contact your Member of Parliament to ask them to support Early Day Motion 147. It need not take long, the important thing is you tell them how you feel on this issue. Not all MPs can sign EDMs, front benchers don't as a rule, but it is still important that you take this opportunity to let them know you care about mass surveillance.

You want to vote Pirate? It'd be rude not to oblige.

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We can do better, and we will - We want to stand more candidates with more local branches.

Voting Pirate

Ever since the Pirate Party came on the scene in 2009, some people have been able to vote Pirate in local, parliamentary and most recently european elections. But never as many as we would like.

There have been 22 Pirate Party candidates since 2009. Your candidates have stood in 24 different elections, ranging from local elections in England and Scotland, Parliamentary elections, European Elections and a whole host of by-elections.  

In the five years we have been standing in elections we have learned a lot, and changed the way we approach elections almost entirely.  We have have gone from receiving tens of votes in our first elections, to thousands in our most recent. In the EU election,  8,600 people felt confident enough to put crosses next to our name.

Our proportion of the vote has changed too, where we have active branches, even in areas massively dominated by the biggest parties, we are now seeing anything up to 5% of voters putting an X next to our candidates names.

We have come a long way in a short time, but we have along way to go.

Initial Election Result - North West England, European Parliament

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The following are the results of the May 2014 European Parliament elections for North West England where Maria Aretoulaki, George Walkden, and Jack Allnutt were standing for Pirate Party UK.

Party Votes %
Labour 594,063 33.86
UK Independence Party 481,932 27.47
Conservatives 351,985 20.06
Green Party 123,075 7.01
Liberal Democrats 105,487 6.01
British National Party 32,826 1.87
An Independence from Europe 26,731 1.52
English Democrats 19,522 1.11
Pirate Party UK 8,597 0.49
No2EU 5,402 0.31
Socialist Equality Party 5,067 0.29
Total 1,754,687 100%