Party: Long live the Finance Officer.

On Tuesday Shaun Daley, our Party Treasurer may of this year resigned his position and (as he put it) is "about to run away " to Romania. Given the deadlines that the party must meet to satisfy Her Majesties Revenue and Customs, Sam Clarke, Governor and now former member of the party's Treasury Oversight Committee will be stepping in to the breach and taking responsibility for treasury as the party's Financial Officer until internal elections in October.

Shaun addressed his resignation to the membership and, as he was elected by our members it seems only right that we pass it on:

Dear members,

Due to leaving the UK (for Romania), I hereby resign from the post of treasurer for the Pirate Party UK.

Many thanks to everyone for support - and special thanks to Andy Halsall, Leanne Ainsworth & Loz Kaye for their superhuman work ethic, dedication and boundless kindness.

I regret leaving prematurely and contributing inadequate time. The old political parties prove on a daily basis that they don't understand the importance of human freedom, evidence-based policy, proportionate design of laws and property rights, minimal complexity of law, data transparency and honesty over activities that government engages in (how can covert action -

especially when hypocritically conflicting with publicly stated objectives - be democratically legitimate?) - we need the Pirate Party and I wish all UK pirates a successful future.

Best Regards,

Shaun Daley

Unusual Steps

Not holding an election to bring in a new treasurer when the incumbent has to leave is of course a departure from our normal processes. Whilst unfortunate, the NEC felt it was necessary to ensure that the Party meets its deadlines, we don't have the time to run even a 'least time' internal election for Treasurer before our next tax returns are due. So given that Sam worked with us to ensure that our accounts were released on time we know he can do the job and ensure that we meet our obligations to our members and the law.

Of course we didn't act unilaterally, we presented our requirements to the board and they spent some time debating the issue, they provided us with the go ahead on Tuesday:

The Board supports a delay in replacing the Treasurer by cancelling the extra-ordinary election on the proviso that full NEC elections are held later this year as agreed by the Board (and noted in Board minutes of 31st May 2013) .

The Board has no objections to the NEC appointing Sam Clark as a non-voting member of the NEC with whatever title they wish (so long as they avoid elected titles, so not Treasurer). Deputy Treasurer would be acceptable.

The Board supports and has no objections to the NEC registering Sam Clark with the Electoral Commission into the relevant role to undertake the necessary financial work. If the label for this with the Electoral Commission is 'Treasurer' it in no way grants Sam Clark the NEC title and voting powers within the NEC of the Party position of 'Treasurer'.

I would like to bid a farewell and good luck to Shaun - I certainly hope to see him back and working with the party at some point in the future - and welcome Sam into a more active role in party finance.

If anyone wants to help Sam or get involved in any of the other areas of the party, they can of course get in touch with Leanne Ainsworth or the campaigns team and we will help you as best we can to find something that you want to do and would find interesting.

Get in touch!