New NEC ready to take PPUK to next level

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Welcome to the new National Executive Committee!

Yesterday saw the first meeting of the newly elected NEC#p.1" title="[1]">1, as well as the last of the calendar year.

2014/15 are going to be interesting years for the party.  In the four years since we were registered, the party has come a long way; we have professionalised and we have gone from strength to strength.

In welcoming the new members of the NEC, Loz was quite clear that we can seize this new mandate to solidify and build upon the hard work of all officers and volunteers who have worked so hard to get us where we are today.

As I pointed out in yesterday's meeting, something I have been very conscious of from the day I joined the party in 2009 is the inward communication to our membership of what is happening on their behalf; in recent years, this communication has waned due to the almost extreme amounts of work from a small core of active members.  In my role as Secretary, I will be taking over the reins to make the party as active inwardly as it has been outwardly.

In that vein, after every NEC meeting I will be publishing a blog post and emailing our members to let you know what has happened in the preceding week, as well as letting you know up-coming media appearances and campaigns.

The past six months have really shown why we are needed - everything we have been warning about has started to become reality.  "The great firewall of Cameron" is blocking access to websites everywhere from high street retailers to abuse crisis centres and sexual health clinics, and there is an ever-growing body of work from the Snowden leaks showing the behemoth that everyday surveillance of everyday citizens has become.

We will continue fighting for what we believe in, and I hope that you will join us in actively promoting what we have to say, be it supporting a local candidate on the ground in up-coming elections or volunteering small amounts of your time to do administrative tasks, image design, blog posts, press releases, local meetups, ...

I look forward to getting to know you all; my "door" is always open and you can contact me at[email protected] if you have any comments, queries or suggestions.

The next NEC meeting will be held on the 2nd of January 2014 at 8:30PM on our mumble channel at

Thank you for your time.