A call to arms

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 As my first blog here, I wanted to provide an update on where we are now, and also what I've been doing since being elected as nominating officer for the party; it's been a busy time, and as some of you I've been working with will know I've been quietly working "behind-the-scenes" to get some of the organisation we will need for the general election in place.

The time has come now to move that forward in a more determined way, and to call for all Pirate members and sympathisers to get involved with your local regional organisations (and if one doesn't yet exist, to form one). So far we have nascent organisations in the East Midlands, in London, in South East England, and in Wales. We have greater or lesser activity, but no real organisation, in other areas. Now is the time to develop further where we're already active, and to begin in those areas where this hasn't yet happened.   We need to be selecting candidates for the next General Election, and deciding which seats we fight. We need to have active members meetings and discussions, in some areas mentioned we already have regional organisers ready to arrange meetings, to assess suitable candidates, and to provide help, advice and campaign support. In other areas we need people to step forward to act as organisers, to run meetings, and to work with me to identify and support candidates.   We need YOU all to get involved to make it happen!   So I'm asking you all now; comment here; send a tweet or re-tweet, use the forums on this site, and the facebook pages for your area, and attend real life meets if you can make them. Send your regional officer, and/or me, questions and meeting requests, if there isn't one happening. If there isn't anyone organising in your area, start doing it! We're ready to do this - and it needs us all to make it real.   We have only a very few weeks and months left to become organised effectively, so we need to work together and start demonstrating that we have the people, the enthusiasm, and the determination to contest this election.   Regional Forums   Regional Wiki Pages + Facebook links