The Day We Fight Back - 11th February 2014

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For months now Snowden's revelations have shown the true shocking extent of massive state surveillance. Much of the anger has rightly focused on the United States and the NSA. But as Edward Snowden put it, the UK and GCHQ "has a big dog in this fight" too.

Amongst what we've found out is the mass and indiscriminate collection of email, phone calls, website visits, facebook posts and tweets.  The breaking into, tapping of and collaboration with large corporations such as Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Where there are laws surrounding the collection of these data which would prohibit our security services from collecting them, the collection was deliberately handed off to a foreign power not covered by those laws.

The talks surrounding the delegation of powers to the UK's security services which were abandoned last year were a farce; it was merely an attempt to legalise what was already happening, not a real discussion on the reality of surveillance.


It's time to fight back.

Please join us in supporting #thedaywefightback campaign on the 11th of February, a day which marks two years since the SOPA blackouts which forced the agenda by raising awareness of these issues around the globe and commemorates the death of one of its leading activists, Aaron Swartz.

Right across the world people will be acting together to take back our civil liberties.

What you can do:

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Stop Mass Surveillance #thedaywefightback

It's time we're treated like citizens not suspects #thedaywefightback

Tell Cameron and Clegg : Stop Mass Surveillance  #thedaywefightback

Mass Surveillance - It not just the US - it's us too #StopGCHQ #thedaywefightback

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Contact Your MP:

  • It's often repeated British people don't care about state snooping. Show your MP it's not true.
  • You can find your MP here:
  • Tell them you care about this issue.
  • Tell them we should be opposing blanket surveillance.
  • Tell them you won't give your vote to anyone supporting mass surveillance
  • We can make this a big day to show the strength of feeling.


Let's fight back.