Everything starts somewhere

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After a lot of hard work on all sides, we've just fought our first election as the UK pirate party.

Across 9 seats, by my calculations we polled 0.34%, for a total of 1340 votes. Our best result was in Manchester Gorton, where our candidate Tim Dobson polled 236 votes for 0.62% of the vote.

Before this election, we didn't know what level of support we could expect. Nor did we know how to organise ourselves, or how to navigate the election requirements and comply with the law. So this has been a tremendous learning experience for everyone involved, and where we've had false starts and had to begin again, and then found a fresh way forward.

Everything starts somewhere

Everything starts somewhere, and we are now on the map.

Now we need to build on that, and prepare for the next election. With a hung parliament and a likely minority government in the UK, this may happen sooner rather than later. There is much to do, and much hard work to develop further, however we can rightly say that we have made our first mark and that this is only the beginning for us.