Filesharers buy more music

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The music industry wants to disconnect filesharers from the internet, because it says that they are reducing its revenue by copying music without buying it. But how much revenue is the music industry losing? According to a survey, filesharers actually buy more recorded music than non-filesharers:

Adults who download music from unofficial channels also spend £30 per year more on physical and digital music than people who don’t, according to a survey by the Demos thinktank of 1,008 people aged 16 to 50.

To put it another way, if Alice is a filesharer, and Bob isn't, then statistically, Alice will buy more music than Bob. So, contrary to the music industry's contention that filesharers are freeloaders who cost them money, the fact is that filesharers are actually their biggest customers. If there were more filesharers, the music industry would probably gain revenue, not lose it.