Free Gary McKinnon Demonstration Tomorrow

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While extradition policy isn't one of the Pirate Party's core issues, the issue of Gary McKinnon's extradition is one that a very large number of party members feel very strongly about. With that in mind, here are the latest details of tomorrow's Free Gary demonstration in London from

With no trace of irony, the Metropolitan Police Royal Parks Operational Command Unit have refused to allow the planned peaceful protest against the misuse of anti-terror laws outside Buckingham Palace by misusing anti-terror laws. 


Since written permission for the new location at the Home Office has not yet been confirmed, please check for the latest information before you set off.


Tuesday 15th December 2009 from 12 noon until 2pm


Home Office main entrance, Peel Building (between the defensive / ornamental moats ponds) , Marsham Street, Westminster, London - see this location map

Nearest Tube stations: 

Westminster or St. James Park - see the Transport for London website for journey planning details.


London Bus Route 88 Clapham Common - Vauxhall - Westminster - Oxford Circus - Camden Town, stops directly outside the Home Office main entrance in Marsham Street, supposedly every 7 or 8 minutes.

Public toilets:

There is a Westminster Council run public toilet quite close to the Home Office in Regency Place:-- turn right along Horseferry Road at the southern end of Marsham Street.

See Regency Place public toilet location map

SOCPA 2005 s 132 Designated Area

The Home Office is, inappropriately, just within the Designated Area around Parliament Square, so the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 sections 132 to 138 apply. The organisers have already applied for the necessary prior written permission.

Loudspeakers and loudhailers are banned, but, given the volume of the chanting at the previous demonstrations, these would probably be superfluous anyway.

The Metropolitan Police can impose arbitrary extra conditions, at the time of the demonstration, but, hopefully, if things go as per the previous demonstrations at the Home Office, there should be no problems.