Meeting and Talk in Regent's Park, London

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So much has happened so quickly, it seems strange to observe that very few party members have met in person.  For those living around London, we have an ideal opportunity to meet each other, meet leader Andrew Robinson, and help recruit new members to the party, all at the same time.  Put this date in your diary:

5.30pm, Saturday, September 5th

and come to

The Treehouse Gallery, Regent's Park, London NW1 4NU (see Google Map here)

Andrew has been invited to give a talk as part of a series run by the organizers of the Treehouse Gallery.  His talk will be on the topic of "How technology is changing the rules for the economy and our communities".

In addition to Andrew's talk, David-Millar Durrant and other volunteers are running a PPUK stall.  They will be handing out leaflets and encouraging people to join.  PPUK member and copyright policy group chair John Barron will also be there, and his new book, "Information Freedom" will be on sale - profits are donated to the party!  Come down early, say hello, and help us spread the word.   Better still, come for the 2pm talk which will be given by Professor Gary Hall of Coventry University.  Gary Hall is a cultural and media theorist who has written and talked widely on topics like open access publishing and the relationship between new media, culture and politics.  His talk is entitled "Free, libre, open media" and is bound to be of interest to anyone who supports pirate politics.  So get there early and meet up with lots of like-minded people!

If you want to help on the day, or just want to let us know you are coming, then tell us at this forum thread.

I went down to the Treehouse Gallery a few weeks ago, and met with some of its organizers.  The gallery is an innovative project, which brings together people of all backgrounds, centred around some extremely cool (and sturdy) treehouses that were constructed especially to encourage people to meet and interact.  The treehouses are situated in a beautiful corner of the park next to the boating lake, and are worth a visit in their own right.  The people behind the event are open-minded, generous, and creative souls - just the kind of people we need to win over to our cause.  To find out more about their project and activities, take a look here.

If you are anywhere near, come down and enjoy a last lovely day out as Summer turns to Autumn.  This is a great chance to have a really big meet-up and show the world that pirates do more than lurk around the internet!  I hope to see you there.