New Membership Fee Structure

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Yesterday we launched a new membership structure as part of our plan to move towards accepting Direct Debits for memberships. Direct Debits are preferable to PayPal for memberships because bank accounts don't expire, unlike credit cards. This means that you as a member don't have to both rejoin every year and remember to change over your details when your card expires. Hopefully this will help with member retention in the long run.

There were a number of changes put in place yesterday. Firstly, you now have the option of paying your membership monthly, quarterly or annually.

The second change is a more convenient way to donate extra on top of your membership fee. You might not be able to make a £50 one off donation, but if you set your membership fee to £5 a month that's £60 over the year.

The third change is the new concessionary rate. Previously we offered an under 21 rate which we have now replaced with a broader "Student, Retired or Unemployed" category offering membership for £3 for the year.

We have also launched a new membership tier of "free member". Members who forget to renew will automatically be downgraded to free member and will continue to receive communications from the party.

The final change is that we have decided to increase the membership fee to £12 per year. This decision was taken as it works out at just £1 per month and sets us on course for the move to monthly direct debits.

If you have any questions regarding renewing your membership, or becoming a member, then please email

[update:] the free membership tier is currently being reconsidered and its status is not confirmed.