The new website is here!

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As you can see the website is all nice, new and shiny! We've updated the looks, added content and now your forum account can be used on the main website. Currently you can use your new website account to comment on blogs! So far, that's really it, but we've got some plans for features that'll use your account so keep a lookout.

Your username for the site should be the same as your username on the forum, UNLESS you had a period, dash, space, [ or capital letter in your name. The characters were removed and all username made lowercase, so if your forum account was "Miss.Ex-ample" your account is now "missexample". Your post count and forum details are still intact so no need to worry too much

Furthermore the passwords weren't copied across at all so you'll have to set a new password for your account,

It should be a simple process, I realise some of you guys have already attempted this and you may need to repeat as earlier we had a little trouble with our email, sorry for the hassle, but we both know the Pirate Party is worth another password reset. ;)

Thanks to bavardage and TomL for their part in the website, sadly a lot of what they did is behind the scenes. It's an amazing world back there in the database and admin section of the site let me assure you.

Hope you enjoy the new site,