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Two weeks ago we announced how you could get involved in the preparations for May. These processes are still ongoing, and your input is still valued.

Party Vote on AV

From Monday, we intend to open to the members a vote on endorsing AV in the upcoming referendum on changing the voting system in the UK. The vote will run for about a week, with results published shortly thereafter. You will be informed when voting has opened.

For more information about the electoral systems, and the referendum, and to debate the issue, see the thread 'PPUK and the AV Referendum' -

Member Consultation On Our Constitution

The consultation on amendments to the party constitution is still open for your comments, suggestions, and questions.

After the consultation, the Board will review the amendments, taking your input into account, and then present the finalised amendments to you for ratification.

To take part in the member consultation on our constitution please see the below link:

Updating Our Manifesto

Work on the manifesto continues, and the more you comment now, the more impact you could have on our policies. Unlike other parties, every single member can have real input into what goes into our manifesto; but to do that, you've got to take part in the discussions.

To get involved, see

Leader's Reports

Reports for the 8th and 16th November from our leader Loz Kaye have been published on the forum. To read these and ask him questions, see

Writers Needed

Are you good at writing structured content? Are you able to form a considered response? Perhaps you run a blog, or just enjoy writing. If you can write, we need your help.

Firstly, we need more volunteers working on our Press Team. The team is responsible for writing official responses to news in a prompt manner, and getting it sent out to our press contacts and published on our website. If you'd like to join the Press Team, take a look at this thread -

Additionally, we are planning to launch a Campaigns, Issues, and Laws portal, and need content contributors for this section. For this, you would be producing guides to legislation and issues, and explaining the impact they would have. Any experience in legal analysis would be a great asset here, although is not required. If you would like to get involved in this, please see

Pirate Party Conference

Planning for the party conference in Glasgow on 26th February continues. Whilst details have not yet been finalised, it promises to be an interesting day, with multiple panels and speakers. We hope you will be able to attend.

If you live in the area and would like to help out, contact

Twitter Joke Trial

Pirate Party has condemned the decision of the courts to uphold the conviction of Paul Chambers under s127 of the Communications Act 2003.

Calling for a full review of the legislation, Party Leader Loz Kaye stated:

"I think anyone with any common sense will be hugely dismayed by this decision. Let us remember the fundamental fact that Paul Chambers is innocent of intending to blow up Robin Hood Airport. So no-one has been saved, no disaster averted. Much of the arguments about potential harm hinged around what, for example, a hypothetical elderly couple would make of the joke. But there was no mass panic, no actual harm done. Other than to the principle of free speech in the ensuing legal debacle ... This judgement demonstrates that we can all become collateral in the 'war on terror'. My thoughts go out to Paul Chambers, who has had his life ruined for no good reason. Equally, this is a chilling threat to freedom of expression. If the authorities deem anything you write menacing, you can be dragged in to court, whatever your original intention."

You can read our full statement here:

Loz will also be speaking at the Jokes On Trial rally ( ) on Saturday 20th November in Sheffield. Attendance is free, so if you can make it, come on down.

Net Neutrality

On Wednesday, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey expressed his support for creating a tiered Internet. Pirate Party rejects any move in this direction, citing the negative impact on freedoms, fair trading, and the Digital Economy.

Loz Kaye highlights just some of the problems with the guidelines by saying that "If a similar policy was enacted by phone companies, you may be prevented from phoning the pizza delivery of your choice in favour of one chosen by your provider."

Pirate Party already campaigns to legislate in favour of Net Neutrality, and we will continue to fight for it.

For our full statement on this, see