Opinion: Cameron Wants to Forget The Right to be Forgotten

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Nicholas Foden Supporter Pirate Party Manchester   Online privacy is something I feel very strongly about, and when I heard about the current government's plans to opt out of new EU social media laws, I decided enough was enough and it was time to take bigger stand. I won’t get into the depths of my views in this post but here is a brief idea of the situation.   The EU is proposing laws which would give users the right to delete any information online entities held about them, in its entirety. These laws would have wide reaching implications for safety and privacy online and would act to safeguard against information being stored, shared and sold online by companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Companies whose revenue streams are based on analysing and selling personal information.   In a world when law enforcement agencies now uses social media data against people in court and employers try to vet candidates based on their social media profiles, users should have the right to remove embarrassing, unwanted or unnecessary pictures, posts, or data held about them.   A European Union Justice Commissioner spokesperson said  “These rules are particularly aimed at young people as they are not always as aware as they could be about the consequence of putting photos and other information on social network websites, or about the various privacy settings available,”    David Cameron’s government is proposing, if these laws are passed, for the UK to opt out. Keeping the country in the dark when it comes to protecting its citizens.    Pressure needs to be put not only on MEPs to help shape these measures and ensure they are passed but also to ensure that it is not manipulated by interested third parties and lobbyists.    I believe that action needs to be taken now to deal with the current government’s plans to overhaul the data protection act, we need any changes to be subject to much greater public scrutiny than they might otherwise be. After all it is our privacy, our personal information and private data that is at stake.   Please write to your MEPs and MPs and share this with your friends to raise awareness.