Our Core Beliefs

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Just a quick message for all our new members, whilst we are very grateful for all the suggestions about different policies that we should adopt, the Pirate Party U.K. intends to remain on topic and concentrate on our three core beliefs;

1. The reform of Copyright and Patent Laws

2. The protection of our Right to Privacy

3. The protection of our Right to Freedom of Speech

Whilst the forum is a great place to debate and exchange ideas amongst members, the PPUK will remain neutral on all other issues.  

We are trying to let people know that we do have something serious to say about our core policies and using the worldwide Pirate movement to raise awareness through a combination of catchy name and serious, coherent arguments is why the Party has attracted so much success in Sweden and Germany so far. We are the only worldwide Party that has such a hugely recognizable image and the ability, through our technologically aware membership, to get the messages across all borders. The Pirate Bay got very little credit in the media for helping the protestors in Iran to tell the world what was happening, but they weren't out for medals, they just did it because it was the right thing to do, in the same way that I know that the Pirate Party are doing what needs to be done.