RMS talks to the Pirate Party UK

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For nearly everyone reading this post, rms will need no introduction, so I'll just say that if it wasn't for Richard M. Stallman we wouldn't have GNU, the Free Software Foundation or the GPL.

A while back, rms published an article about the implications of the Swedish Pirate Party's proposal for a 5 year copyright duration on the GPL, in which he proposed a system of source code escrow.

Well, if I had a penny for each time someone sent me a link to that article over the last week, I'd be sitting here wondering where a quite large pile of pennies had suddenly appeared from. I feel this matter needs some clarification, bearing in mind that we have not yet finalised our policy on copyright duration or the escrow proposal, and rms has been kind enough to provide it:

#000000;">"#000000;" style="color: #000000;">#000000;">If the UK Pirate Party adopts 10-year (at least) copyright for free software source code, or a mandatory source escrow requirement for proprietary software source code, then (assuming the details are done right) this will be ok for free  software.  With the escrow requirement it would be very good for free software."
- Richard Stallman

I hope this calms some people's fears that we might represent a threat to free software.