Prospective EU Candidate: Jack Allnutt

Jack Allnutt's picture

Hi, I'm Jack and I would like you to select me to be one of the Party's candidates in the European Parliamentary Elections in May.   

I've been a Pirate for a long time. I joined the Party shortly after it was formed and after reading about the success of the Swedish party, I believed in the ideas that the party stood for.  I could see that there was a need for a Pirate Party in the UK and, as a computer programmer and self-confessed geek, the ideas of re-balancing copyright, the protection of privacy and restoration of civil liberties and promotion of free/open source software in the public sector struck a chord.

Since then I have been involved in activism on the ground, organising regional meet-ups and working with our candidates during the general election, and local and parliamentary elections in Greater Manchester.  I have been a part of every election Pirates have been involved in here in Manchester. I have delivered thousands of leaflets, made the case for our candidates to people all over Manchester. I've done this because it is the right thing to do, because our Party and our candidates are needed. I'm willing to work for that.

I know that I can represent the party well, that I can advocate for the things that we believe in and the changes we know are necessary.  I want to be a candidate in the European Elections because I know I could do a good job as an MEP.   

Europe is important to the UK, but there are also aspects that need to change.  For me, the critical issue is that the power to make law and take decisions should be held at the right level.  Some powers need to be brought back to local, regional or national level. Similarly, there are some powers that need to be promoted the European level to solve the issues that we all face, be they fiscal, environmental or technological. I can argue for those changes.

The European Parliament, as the only directly-elected body at European level, needs to be more bold in the way that it exerts its influence and uses the powers granted to it under the treaties, and I believe that any new treaty negotiated should give the EP more power to influence decision making within the Union.  

There are some huge issues on the horizon, issues that will have an impact on Europe, on the UK and the North West in particular. To get a good deal for all of us, MEPs to make the right decisions and ensure that the right processes are in place. Even if the UK votes to leave the EU at some point in the future, which I hope will not happen, we need MEPs that are willing to work NOW to make the Union better for the country and its citizens rather than ignore the issues and grandstand.I think I can be clear on how I would deal with those issues, if elected, I would refuse to vote to ratify any treaty or trade agreement that was not negotiated in an open, transparent and democratic manner. Treaties like ACTA and the TTIP must NOT be allowed to circumvent our democracy.

I would act act on the basis of evidence and in accordance with the wishes of my constituents, and aim to be as transparent as possible in office, especially when dealing with lobbyists from all sectors of society and business.These two approaches alone would make a significant difference to all of us and there are too few voices making the case for them.So, I would like your vote.  The Pirate Party gearing up for this next election fight and I want to be part of it as a candidate. The party will never stop campaigning for our core principles in the face of adversity and neither will I.Thank you.

You can contact Jack by email at [email protected] or add a comment to this post.