Leaders Update - There's never been a better time to go Pirate

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We've had quite a few new members join the party since my last update. So welcome all, and thanks to all of you who continue to be part of this party and those of ytou who have volunteered to help. We've been through quite a big media focus recently and it's time to expand our work on the ground to cope with the interest in Pirate politics. So that means a new and bigger team.

We have a new board and it's time to expand the team further, we'll need new people to help with press, new candidates, new treasury team, new people to support my work as Leader, help with ongoing policy, and new members for the board.

Right now, we need someone to step in as leading the Press Team while the excellent Harry Percival takes a step back for a bit to write a book... Take a look at the job spec here if you are at all interested in getting our message out. The media side of our work is never dull, I can promise you that!

Over this last month, the media focus come back on to site blocking, with further moves to web censorship in the UK. As I told the BBC about block orders on Kickass torrents and the rest- the British music industry has nothing positive to show from their site blocks and personal legal threats.

  Looking at sales figures from 2012, you can't draw the conclusion that stopping access to the Pirate Bay did anything to help artists. The BPI is out of control


I'm still working on the ground in Manchester, where we have started to make breakthroughs in elections. I've been focusing on trying to make our council more open and transparent. You might have heard of the outrageous case of the blogger in Camarthenshire arrested just for filming a council meeting. It's our democracy and our money. Here in Manchester, people were prevented from filming a key budget meeting. The Pirate Party is here to speak out. Wherever you live, you can start to hold your council to account. Get in contact  and find out about their policy on filming meetings, and transparency. Let me know how you get on good or bad- get in touch with the campaigns team.

And beyond

But it's not just Manchester where we are working, Pirate politics is taking root in Sheffield and York too, and in London this month we will be working with Strike! magazine to get our message out to yet more interested and interesting people.   All the best and looking forward to meeting new people joining in our work...