A Message From the New Leader

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Dear Pirates...

Thanks for your support and choosing me to contribute to our fight for a politics fit for the 21st century.  So, I'm excited to accept the position as Leader of Pirate Party UK. I want to stand for a politics that puts our shared culture before censorship and industry lobbying. I want to stand for a movement that places liberty ahead of fear. 

As I emphasised during the campaign, we have a lot of challenges ahead. Just this week has been a depressing one from our viewpoint. The Gallo report has been adopted by the EU parliament, it would have been good to see PPSE in the Swedish parliament rather than a far-right party, there has been the ridiculous spectacle of Paul Chambers in court once again for a joke on twitter. But we can't waste any time feeling down, politics needs us more than ever. Look at the issues we face:  the implications of the Digital Economy Act, the next round of ACTA, new censorship proposals in the US, body scanners, … you fill in the next attack on our freedoms. 

This is why I want to build the political structure of the party. I am realistic that we wont get a whole bevy of spokespeople overnight. But I want to work towards getting a good team of people who can focus on the key areas. We must start to control events, not just chase after them. I am excited about doing whatever I can to help put our ideas across to a wider public.

I meant what I said in reply to questions on the forum about being accessible. I want to take up the idea of 'Leader's Question TIme'  telling the party what I've been up to, what's up in the world of pirate politics, and so you can put questions to me. We'll find the right format for that and get it up and running. Or email me [email protected] . Equally I see it as my job to give help to candidates and campaigners, and support you to the best of my abilities. 

I would like to pay tribute to Andrew Robinson for his role in getting the party off the ground in the UK, and defining what a PPUK leader can be. Also, I would like to thank Peter for a constructive debate, and that we were focused on the issues.

I know we still have constitutional changes and internal party matters to finalise, but the board are already in that process. I want to move that process on now. We must remember the point of this is to get us ready for the next stage of our development as a party. 

After there being worries about the timing and nature of this election, I think we have managed to turn it around in to stimulating action. Within hours of the latest call out about the Gallo report, PPUK activists across the country were on to their MEPs. Great work, we must make sure that no politician says ever again that people aren't interested in copyright, the digital economy and civil liberties.

To the members, I admire your energy, integrity, anger, and independence of mind. I want us to be bold and brave, and to dare to speak out where others are silent. But above all we must be ready to win people over and engage in positive action. That's what I plan to inspire .

Let's get to it.