Ancoats and Clayton By-Election Result (December 2013)

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No, this isn't deja vu, Loz stood yesterday in yet another by election for Ancoats and Clayton. The ten primary positions of his campaign can be seen on the Manchester PPUK blog.

With it being a colder/darker time of year, and another by-election not long after the last one, it was the unfortunate expectation that it would be difficult to get voters out to vote. That, and with ten candidates to the seven from last time voters had a wider choice (a good thing) it is realistic to see the overall turnout be lower (last time was 13.5%) as well as vote shares being divided and thus trending lower than last time.

As before the Pirate message was a strong call to all electors to exercise their democratic right/responsibility and to vote, no matter who for.

So with the results in the turnout was a paltry 10.69% and shows us holding about as steady as we would expect. Loz's percentage of the vote dropped fractionally, he received 7 votes less than last time - which against a drop in the total turnout I think shows stability and that Pirate voters are making an effort to turnout, unlike perhaps Labour voters who saw their candidate poll 274 votes less than last time.

 Surname  Other Names  Description (if any)  Votes (% result, change)
 MANCO  Ollie  Labour Party Candidate 965 (57.37%, -12.13%)
 DOBSON  Ken  The Liberal Party 219 (N/A)
 POWER  Martin  UK Independence Party 138 (8.20%, -0.6%)
 BIRKINSHAW  Pete   Green Party 106 (6.3%, +1.2%)
 SEMPLE  David  Conservative and Unionist Party 75 (4.46%, -0.24%)
 KAYE  Loz  Pirate Party UK 72 (4.28%, -0.22%)
 BLACK  Gareth  British National Party 46 (2.73% -0.4%)
 NSUMBU  Claude Diele  Liberal Democrat 31 (1.84% -0.66%)
 DAVIDSON  Alex   Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts  17 (N/A)
 BELLAMY  Caroline   Communist League 9 (N/A)