Stop ACTA - Protests 9th June

We have been following ACTA's progress with great interest and the European Parliament will be voting on ACTA in the coming weeks. Whilst many have been saying that ACTA is now dead in the water, there is a very real danger that rather than dropping it outright, they will ask for it to be 'reconsidered' or amended. With something as toxic as ACTA it will be difficult to do anything to fix it without still causing unintended damage.

We need to remind MEPs what their constituents expect from them before they sit down in Parliament to discuss ACTA. We need to show them, and the world at large, that we won't accept this assault on our freedoms. 

I therefore ask all members who can make it to London for the 9th of June to join us outside theEuropean Parliament building in London for another ACTA protest. Loz Kaye will be speaking for the Party at the protest and ORG and Anonymous will be represented. Please also spread the word and try to get as many other people involved as possible. We need to show just how big the opposition to ACTA is. The protest will take place between 12pm and 4pm, leaving an hour for leafleting in the area.

If you are able to help with this protest, we also need some volunteers to act as stewards, if you can lend a hand and arrive at the location at least an hour earlier please let me know.

Given the time of year, if you do attend please don't forget to bring water and sun cream if the sun is out.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you there!