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Leader's Update: Weigh Anchor! We've got work to do!

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Hello fellow Pirates

Our party is about political engagement and so regardless of how you voted I want to thank all of you for taking part in our internal elections, whether you voted, verified ballots or ran the whole thing.

You really have honoured me with 70% of ballots cast voting Dave for Deputy Leader and I will continue to be a spokesperson for the party in a direction we all can be proud of.

I am however mindful that at least 30% didn’t vote for me and at worst, voted “against” me. Perhaps in a general election this is some what less important as I would already have a clear mandate and wouldn’t have to worry about anything for five years. Alternatively if we were to take a lesson from Labour, we’d be fighting a civil war and having annual leadership elections...

That’s not how the Pirate Party UK does politics.

Where i think the PPUK lies on the political compass


Vote Dave for Deputy

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Hello once more fellow Pirates

The deadline for casting your vote draws ever closer as the polls close Thursday 2nd February a touch before midnight.

In the past, the campaigning with our internal elections has been a little thin, more than likely because Pirates are hesitant to turn cannon on one another – but let’s not take lessons from the established parties, that internal elections are a place to blow someone else’s flame out to make yours appear brighter.

Instead, I’m here to make a positive case for my Deputy Leadership and until a Leader rises from our ranks, your Acting Leader.

NEC Election 2017: Deputy Leader

Hello, everyone!

I'm writing this message at around twenty minutes past twelve on Friday morning, the 20th day of January in the year of 2017, so I sincerely apologise if I ramble a little bit...

Today marks the day of Donald Trump's Inauguration as the US President, Brexit continues to be talked about, and the Pirate Party UK NEC Election 2017 Nominations for Secretary and Deputy Leader have closed, and voting has commenced. At least something positive will come about from today.

For those that don't know, the National Executive Committee is an important part of the political blogosphere, and most (if not all) political parties have an NEC at the helm. Constitutionally for PPUK, the NEC is the executive body of the Pirate Party UK, comprised of the elected officers and other members selected to join the committee. Essentially this means that the NEC is important.

I nominated myself for the position of Deputy Leader as I relish a challenge, and I want to get a lot more involved in Party politics than I ever before imagined I would. I've previously held the roles of Press Officer, and Nominations Officer, and I have stories to tell of both.

Wales Bill: Two Steps Forward One Step Back

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Today the Wales Bill passed in the Senedd with a vote of 38 to 17.

Perhaps the most exciting piece of this bill, is that it does make it possible for us to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in Welsh elections.

For me this is one of the big differences between Wales and England; how we treat our young people. At 16 you can drive a moped, join the armed forces, work full time, buy bonds, donate blood, have a passport, leave home, choose a GP and in Wales, as well as having control over your career, being able to leave school at 16, you may soon be able to vote on the very thing that controls all those other liberties.


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