With all the hard work that has been put in (even if it isn’t quite finished) it is important that we make the most of these last few hours. So, go and vote and encourage others to vote (whether they are voting Pirate or not!).  If you are voting Pirate, let people know why! Even if you can't, today is the last day where you can make the case that a vote for Pirate Party is the right thing to do and that our issues are vital. Talk to your friends and family, talk to your co-workers and anyone else you know and make sure they vote today.  Do share images on twitter and other social media, our materials page has a host of images available for you to publicise our issue!

To vote for yout Pirate Party candidate, place an X next to their name on the ballot paper, there should be a Pirate Party roundel and the party name on the same line!


Go and Vote

Polls are open from 7am and will remain open until 10pm tonight, so you have 15 hours in which you can cast your vote today. Remember that you don’t need your polling card to vote (but it makes it easier!) your designated polling station can be found via your loca Council's website. If you have received but haven’t returned your postal vote, don’t worry, you can still take it to your local polling station and it will still be counted.

How to Vote

(You can find voting advice from the BBC here)


If you are registered to vote, then you will have received a  poll card at your address telling you where to vote and the hours your polling station will be open.

  • You need to go to your polling station, usually a public building like a school or hall near where you live.
  • When you arrive at the polling station, you will be asked for your name and address by staff in the polling station. (You do not have to bring your poll card when you go to vote, but it will make the process easier and quicker)
  • You then be given a ballot paper for this election (and any other elections happening at the same time), listing the candidates and which party they are standing for.
  • You can then put an X next to the candidate you wish to vote for, fold your ballot paper in half and put it in the ballot box.

Polling Station Staff are neutral and there to help you vote, if there is anything you are unsure of they will be able to help you.

Issues and problems?

If you see any problems, or have any issues whilst voting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with polling station staff or your council's election services team.

Thank You!

It has been amazing working with Pirate Party members and volunteers on this election, their energy and enthusiasm has helped us do so much for this election and will allow us to do more in the coming months, and there is a lot to do in our communities, many threats to deal with and opportunities we should not miss.  It has also been fantastic talking to so many people over the last few of months, working with some, helping where we have been able to and importantly having people tell us that what we are trying to do right across the UK is worthwhile.

So thank you all!