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TTIPed Over

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It strikes me as a recurring theme that those in charge of big businesses will continue to cling to their notion of being above the law and the powers that make it, even when these emporers are seen in their 'new clothes'. We all know big businesses are fighting tooth and claw against the very idea of a fair society, making a mockery of what capitalism is supposed to be.

A free market.

What a fallacious suggestion that a 'free market' could generate such a restrictive, anti-competitive and contrived piece of corrupt legislation as TTIP. Now, thanks to those marvellous people over at Greenpeace, we have proof. Indeed, that Greenpeace were involved in this leak shows how wide its impact already is. http://www.ttip-leaks.org/ shows that any attempted assurances that TTIP would somehow be good for us as people are complete hogwash. For this reason I urge you all to stand on your own two feet against this monstrous attack on rights, freedoms and what's left of democracy, or else be TTIPed over.

Your economically and ecologically conscious Pirate,

Danfox Davies

Opinion: infer ad Infinitum

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Danfox Davies / Southampton / 15.1.2016


“A wise man knows that confidentiality equals profit” - The 30th Ferengi Rule of Acquisition, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Economic Commons Sense

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2007 Todmorden Boundary Walk

This picture is by me, from 2007 Todmorden Boundary Walk. (Sun, 06 May 2007  11:46:51). The Boundary Walk is held annually as a symbolic reminder of those who trampled the enclosures - and theoretically for the purpose of doing so again, should the need arise, though the commons' boundaries have remained fairly stable for some time now. This particular image shows the tiny figure of a hiker by the Stoodley Pike Monument (built in the time of the 1800s' disputes about commons enclosure) on Langfield Common, from the vantage point of a road forming the boundary on the other side of the valley. The marked difference between the medieval fields, the larger later enclosures with their straight edges on the hillsides and the remnant, one-time acid rain damaged common peat & millstone-grit moorland above, is striking.


Clear As Mud

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by Danfox Davies 4.10.2015 / Southampton, UK and Bucharest, Romania

Classified Classifieds

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Disclaimer: the following is quite train-of-thought, so apologies in advance if it doesn't make enough sense.



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