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Disclaimer: the following is quite train-of-thought, so apologies in advance if it doesn't make enough sense.


Classified Classifieds

The government need your help to get this advert taken out:

For Sale: one country's hopes and dreams of a free and fair society. Practically unused. These have been packed back in their box as a display piece only since the 1980s. 65 million souls o.n.o. Payment via ignorance of ts & cs.

It has to be somewhere all the big bankers and CEOs see it. Oh, and don't tell the rest of the public, they might not like it. It might represent, in fact, a 'threat to national security' for them to know.

A great deal is done in the name of National Security. Secrecy upon secrecy is exercised at the highest of levels with severe repercussions for anyone who reveals the bedroom habits of a celebrity going through the motions of court just as would be exercised on anyone who revealed something from under the Official Secrets Act. Freedom of Information requests have all the strength of a soggy sponge cake in the rain and it's OK, we're all in this together! Yes, everyone equally gets their data, given willingly to find a bargain or in some cases to even have the chance to know a price full stop for the purchase of some items, sold to the highest bidder in a market where you are defined by what you might buy and what adverts to fling at you next.

Privacy, National Security and Targeted Advertising. What an entangled thorny mess they have become.
Super-injunctions show that privacy for the individual does matter and can be done, though often this is done to the extreme, for those who can afford it only and under the presumptuous and arrogant guise of libel deflection.

Whither privacy for me or you?

Fluttering away... on a breeze of online terms and conditions. If you ever signed up to a social network or online shopping site, the chances are your rights were signed away to them to use your data however they see fit, under the auspice of some kind of 'trust' you are expected to have in companies that have done little to engender it of late. Never mind that those social networks postion themselves as the main communication channel between you and most of the people you know online well before they reveal their data-collecting ambitions. Suddenly, escaping from Facebook can feel almost as ostracising as escaping from Scientology. At least Scientology makes it so ludicrously obvious it's a money sucking cult...
Even without the targeted advertisements, auto-diallers, privatisation of healthcare (, anyone?) and mysteriously adjusted insurance premiums, Big Data is being used with your name amid it for Queen and Country too. Maybe you should be proud. Maybe we all should. Now everyone can participate in protecting the country, by being good and not being a terrorist. GCHQ knows all and so is infallible, right until it has police shooting you because it made a mistake. Not the government's problem, those agents have a job to do and we're their collateral... and their tools.

We're all tools.

Tools of our own oppression, we provide the very data the system uses to elicit our persuasion into further subserviance to the corporatocracy. TPP/TTIP proves this. If a company can sue a government for failing to protect its interests, the National is removed from National Security. If we no longer have choice because our devices are plumbed with an ever more accurate set of algorithmically decided products to shove in our faces, Targeted Advertising is no longer advertising, it's a list of orders and we are just targets. If privacy is conditional on wealth and how much you can schmooze Rupert Murdoch, it's not private. It's a great farce, unspoken due to a Super-Injunction or not.

The bilge the tabloids and targeted ads come out with is designed to occupy our minds and keep us from worrying about the deals going on behind the scenes that are busily sucking our culture, livelihoods, pasts, presents and futures from us, in the name of greed. How can we be a United Kingdom, a European Union or United Nations if we divide ourselves between those privelaged enough to know they can grow into a political career with a silver spoon still jammed in their gobs, and those who are mesmerised by the results of our own complacency? The only ones getting the sponsorship to stand as leaders of the main parties are the ones who were never seemingly taught that greed was a bad thing. This is not a local or national population versus government phenomenon alone, it is also writ large on the world stage, as highlighted cleverly by The Decemberists in their song and music video to it, 'Sixteen Military Wives'.

Whenever a company tries to say you can trust them and makes promises that something will definitely happen, it is lying to some degree in order to avoid explaining the circumstances under which things may not work out, as those might put you off (but they are so unlikely, right?). Whenever GCHQ promise they are keeping our personal data for the national good, they are surely lying. Whenever someone famous thinks they have to take out a super-injunction to prevent their case being talked about, it belies the sense of fear and resentment at our loss of privacy but also encourages the continued degradation of relations between the haves and have nots.

But don't worry because Big Brother knows best. The secret police will take care of your data and totally not use it to make sure corporations that sponsor your country's debt are happy, that banks are too big to fail and the rich richer. The social networks and search engines totally have just you and you alone in mind when they target adverts to you. Yeah, just let yourself keep believing that. And you can stay in the Matrix all the longer as it gets built around you.

You beautiful, data-producing flesh bag. Your bioelectricity is already being harnessed to make money and to make the tools of your own oppression. You just transmit it to them in the form of naiive actions and words. But feed on it they do. You were not born, you were bought by the consumer nightmare consuming you. Red pill or blue pill is hardly a choice when you don't know who made the pills either. Both are just ways to perpetuate the scenario. Both are patented placebos.
The real change has to come from you, deciding not to choose the options foisted upon you in the name of some fake kind of fairness by some scared-stupid politicians who never knew a career outside the one now happily tightening their thumbscrews.

Those doing the tightening do so because they too are scared that if they stop, these politicians might become accustomed to the pain and start assessing their situations rationally.

Let's ask a banker who's as fictional as the currency they precipitated our situation on since the lack of a gold standard, what they think.

"That actually happened in Iceland, and oh what a calamity befell their economy, how long they did writhe in recession! What's that you say? Letting their banks fail was the right thing and shortened their economic crash significantly? It allowed capitalism to function how it's supposed to, you say? Oh, surely not...! Now if you'll excuse me I shall put my fingers in my ears again and pretend I still have more money than I do. That way I might be able to win over those 65 million souls I need to buy those old hopes and dreams. They're in their original box, I hear... great for my private collection, I'll make sure they are never heard of again!"

Choose wisely. Or come next election, shiver me timbers, this country will be a ghost ship, long since sunk by the greed that weighed her down and took her to an economical and ethical Davy Jones's Locker. Peculiarly, this locker is placed in a Swiss vault, made in Luxembourg from tax evasion and sent there via the sweat shops of China and the drug war riddled deserts of Mexico. If there's one thing you can sell to the world, it's greed that made it big by killing hopes and dreams.

So, world, grow a spine and tell them you want your souls, hopes, dreams and privacy back. We can't promise this will fix everything, but the collective power of everyone working together has a chance. To dismantle the old system, you have to play it at its own game and win, without resorting to its sneaky tactics.
Vote Pirate. In the UK you can do this 7th May 2015.