The Alt-Left have learnt nothing

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While we see the Democrats in America failing to come to terms with what cost them the 2016 election. That calling your electorate deplorable is not a way to convince them you have the better argument, we’re now seeing the left wing recycle candidates at home, much like the USA did with Hilary Clinton.

Caroline Lucas was not so long ago, after standing down, re-stood and was re-elected as Leader of the Green Party in England and Wales and now Pippa Bartolli has been elected Green Party Wales’ Deputy Leader, having already served as Leader.

This particularly grinds my gears as there are many of us that generally speaking end up more on the left wing than the right in our policy making and the Greens territorialism tends to mean they claim the left wing argument rather a lot. There are so many people not just on the left spectrum but those who have been mislead to join the greens that have so much to offer to politics.

This has lead to personalities increasingly coming forward showing an intense dislike for certain left wing advocates with the same problems of shouting down opposition, calling them racist, sexist and refusing to engage. This “Alt-Left” is most prevalent in the Green Party and those of us who typically fit in with the liberal and progressive ideology often get lumped in with them. I am increasing finding that when engaging in debate with the right, I’m fed the line “You’re a liberal? But you’re not completely crazy!”

Where most liberals and progressives are tolerant and want to engage in political discussion, this alt-left and regressive attitude has concreted itself into a position of “censorship, racism and sexism is ok if I do it” and while the right wing has been ready to educate others in their view points, especially the far right, the left has forgotten how to do this.

(images like this have been circulating social media - author unknown)

Recently Caroline Lucas was making the case that Philip Davies should not be allowed on the equalities committee because he is a white male. Now there may be legitimate reasons to keep Davies off the committee but this really shows the Green Party’s true colours; that evidence based decisions are not their strength and instead we should base policy on feelings... in this case, Caroline’s feelings tell her she doesn’t like that Davies is white and male.

Caroline was also a big supporter of increasing censorship in the sex industry, as is Pippa Bartolotti so I imagine they’ll both be pleased that the #PrudesCharter #DEBill is currently going through parliament. This bill is disastrous to our digital economy and will only increase the amount of online piracy, which naturally cannot be regulated.

As a minor annoyance, we’ve heard Lucas’ call for an alliance with other parties for a long time now but she absolutely fails to acknowledge the problems in her own party that prevent this happening. Bartolotti has rejected Lucas’ calls to create an alliance with other parties and was one of the main blocks to the Greens sharing a platform with Plaid Cymru, which inevitably caused them to lose a substantial amount of votes in Wales, ultimately not getting a single representative into the Welsh Assembly. I really tire of the headlines “Lucas calls for grand party alliance!” while many in her own party are working against her. You should really sort out unity in your own party before trying to suggest it cross-party.

I suppose it is worth also bringing up that the Green Party have recently won a councillor, having had defected from the Conservative Party. Sadly the Greens did not feel it necessary to call a by-election. I suppose they did not feel they were different enough in a mandate in order to check if the constituents they were elected to represent still considered their votes mattered. In the Pirate Party, our latest councillor, when an independent, stood down and was re-appointed to his seat as a Pirate, to ensure a solid mandate was guarenteed. This is the difference between basing how you represent the people on evidence or on feelings.

You would think the Green Party members would recall this history but it is rarely spoken about inside the Green Party echochamber.

I hope rebellious Greens will look across the political spectrum and see who is truly, honestly and openly seeking to form evidence based policies, crowdsourcing viewpoints from all individually minded people on all ends of the political spectrum.


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