The Barry Eye

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Pirate Party Councillor criticises Merlin Entertainments Group for being a "kill joy"

The owners of Barry Island's giant ferris wheel have been told they can no longer refer to the attraction as the "Barry Eye", despite never having officially done so, because the Merlin group own "The Eye" and "London Eye" trademarks.[1]

David A Elston, Pirate Party Spokesperson & Councillor in St Athan said:

"It is ludicrous that Merlin or anyone else for that matter can try to claim sole rights to the word "Eye" this way.

"I hope the Merlin Group will reconsider this heavy handed approach to the Danter family and cease such intimidating actions over a rather stretched assumption that anything branded "Eye" will inevitably link back to them.

"Actions like this will be putting a lot of the locals off attractions Merlin provides. They should really think about what exactly they are trying to achieve with this because so far all it is causing is disappointment and heavy sighing at the mention of their name in our community.

"This case shows exactly why copyright[2] and trademark[3] reform is an important policy of the Pirate Party UK. Large groups should not be able to stifle growth, strangle innovation or in any way make it difficult for others to create anything through overzealous use of copyright, trademarks or patents. 

"We have seen such actions hugely inflate the price of medicines the NHS has to purchase, we see our IT markets limited to a few competitors and now even local small business owners are dealing with unnecessary and overzealous threats from giants like the Merlin group."