A busy month (plus a few days)

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Whew that month sure went fast. We're due a little sit down and catch up, so here we go...

For those of you that missed it (what have you been doing?!), our Icelandic counterparts won 10 seats, up from three in the Icelandic Parliament. This is a huge success, and we issued a press release about it here. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by CNBC and featured briefly in this video. I was also interviewed by Ars Technica about the Pirate Party UK.

Speaking of more local press, sadly the vale council has decided not to improve the condition of Eglwys Road. I was placed in The GEM with further detail.

Back at home, sadly despite my proposal to follow what other community councils are opting to disclose, such as their associations (political party etc) openly on the website, the St Athan Community Council decided not to do so. It remains a mystery which councillor stands for which party and has what business or union associations. Obviously I'm very disheartened at this decision as it goes against an open democracy and means operating with transparency is not a priority of this council.

I will be submitting a softer proposal that councillors can elect to share their disclosure information on the site so at least those who wish to operate openly can do so.

I am still hopeful that the inclusion of a Creative Commons license and other measures can still be achieved. Finally the website will be updated, so at least access to the information on the site will be better represented and more easily accessible.

You've also probably noticed by now the Snoopers Charter has managed, after being hit back time and time again, is finally crawling its way into law. We need more people opposing this bill; two of our spokespeople go into why here.

In good news, the SAINTS – St Athan Parks Group have raised over £950 more, bringing the running total to around £4400. Our match funding case has gone through and it makes a very solid and comprehensive case. The Halloween event sold out with over 200 people attending, taking us one big step closer to having improved play facilities in St Athan.

In summary, rather confusingly the most areas of progress have been where government bodies have not been involved. I suppose there is truth in the old saying "If you want a job done right, you've got to do it yourself" and with that in mind, there has never been a more important time to join the Pirate Party!

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