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Hello once more fellow Pirates

I am again nominating myself for the Deputy Leader position. I already have my seconding and I am lucky enough this time around to have several people who are happy to second me. My official seconder is our former Leader, Cris Chesha.

Since joining the party in May 2014 I have learnt a lot. As a party we burn through people far too quickly and we need to get better at delegation and sharing the load otherwise things grind to a halt. If that happens, getting the party moving again can be tricky to say the least.

There are a lot of positives to draw from, the Board of Governors is full. We have Deputies at the ready for the NEC . Membership for 2015 is at a record high and climbing. Volunteers are coming forward to fulfil support roles.

However we must not be blind to the problems. We must be better at delegating and giving official roles to the new volunteers that have come forward. Similarly we cannot burn out enthusiastic new people who breath new life into the party with too much work. Departments and people must support one another and always have a clear objective. These are the next things I want to work on. Only when we have some kind of support infrastructure and co-ordination will we be able to encourage people into NEC roles.

I hope that, if the membership should chose it, my renewed term as Deputy Leader will inspire more people to come forward knowing they will not be venturing into the fight for civil liberties, free speech, more openness in government and our digital freedoms alone.

Let's not forget that being on the NEC is not all “work-work-work”. I have been rather fortunate in some regards; meeting some really interesting people and getting to talk about things that matter to me... with an attentive audience. I have appeared in blogs, local papers, online podcasts and live web radios. It's been a lot of fun.

I would love to go on about just how important this all is, the difficulties we face and the fun we can have but I've talked enough, it's time to get to work.

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