Deputy Leader Resignation

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Hello fellow Pirates
If you haven't already heard, I have retracted my Deputy Leader candidacy and resigned as Deputy Leader, also no longer rendering me the Acting Leader of the Pirate Party UK.
While the reasons for doing so vary, the epicentre as to why my resignation happened can be pointed out reasonably easily and clearly.
There is a terrible practice of the party's leadership being given all the responsibility with no real support or handover. While I enjoyed many things in the party and met some really great people, it's very regrettable there are those who do not contribute to the leadership of the party. Furthermore when the leadership are asking for help, these people do not have time to help but feel they have ample time to complain, repeatedly, after the fact about how the leadership have done something inaccurate or just plain wrong.
It is simply not possible to hold your leadership to account if you sit there silent when they are asking "What should we do about <insert edgy hot topic>".
The party has spent over six years fighting for our right to expression, yet too many people in the party remain silent and don't voice their opinion until it is too late, ditching all the blame on whoever is at the top at that point in time.
The party has burnt through two leaders in less than a year because of this.
Obviously those who subscribe to this kind of practice need to come to a decision; do they want to face the responsibility of helping run a political party or do they want to pretend to sit blameless and shout criticisms from the sidelines?
Hint: The latter isn't working.
The Board has thankfully now decided a hand-over and mentoring process be implemented for those who are volunteering their time and energy. I'm hopeful this will make those who come after the last generation of NEC feel more at home.
Best of luck to your new leader and the Board. Perhaps new faces and new practices can make this party a success again


David A Elston

Former Pirate Party Deputy Leader