Green Party Wales Leader Resigns... blames money

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Alice Hooker-Stroud resigned from the Wales Green Party Leadership today citing lack of funding for smaller parties in the UK meant it was "untenable" for her to carry on in the voluntary role.

I cannot find any way to agree with this position. Entire elected positions in government by the hundreds of thousands are without any funding, my community council seat is an entirely unpaid role as is my role as Deputy Leader position in the Pirate Party UK but I have never felt finances are a big enough problem to resign. If any party would face this problem, Pirates would certainly feel it first, let alone the Greens in Wales that share a membership in the tens of thousands with the main GPE&W.

We already place a huge amount of money in the running of government, I think it unwise at best to say that political parties should also add to the tax payers bill, effectively not only paying MPs but paying all the would-be MPs as well in some varying set of degrees.

If money really is the Green's problem here, then perhaps the astronomical amount of wasted deposits in the GE would have been better spent on making sure the campaigning of the party was sustainable and targeting their most winnable seats. The Greens lost the most deposits in GE2015 out of any other political party, totalling to £221,000. I'm surprised a party that claims to think of the future so much has burnt out their budget so quickly after the "Green Surge" in membership and donations around the GE2015.

The Greens have spent so long shouting to be taken seriously and be considered a major party... however it seems when the finances get a little too complicated, their Leaders resign. This is now the second time we've seen Leaders in the Greens struggle with difficult finances, we also saw previous leader Natalie Bennett struggle with exactly the same financial understanding when giving the car crash interview on the LBC.

The Greens are looking less and less like a viable alternative for politics fit for a 21st century.

In the Pirate Party we're entirely fuelled by volunteers but this isn't cause for resignations... so I struggle to relate to Hooker-Stroud's reasoning here.

I think the Green's real problem is they've glued themselves to an ideology that isn't working and keep falling into the same problem. We have to think beyond our own preconceptions, free ourselves of the left vs right and be honest with what the problems of today really are.


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