Land at Cowbridge Road, Eglwys Brewis, St Athan

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My response to the propsed pre-planning consultation that aims to change the three parcels of land, green belt and public green space to housing:


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Subject: Land at Cowbridge Road, Eglwys Brewis, St Athan
From: David A Elston <>
Date: 07/11/16 19:03
Hello there

While I am keen to see new homes during this housing crisis, I and the
residents of my ward have concerns of the proposed area being developed
for housing.

The access to the site is very limited and roads in St Athan are already
constrained to a single carriageway or single lane-ways. Can you let us
know what solution is being explored to allow such a large number of
houses in this location?

Secondly, the images in the documents do not accurately represent the
"existing site". They neglect the area most used by the public for a
wide variety of occasions and activities, including a large number of
trees near the play park and church. Additionally it would seem not all
the images are recent, some dated 2015.

By placing houses in this location, it will increase the need to travel,
especially by private car. This does not seem to have been considered at
all as the new development is not located where there is good access by
public transport and walking is especially difficult as the roads often
do not have any pavements, there has already been a death on the
neighbouring road due to someone attempting to walk up it.

The needs of walkers and cyclists has not been taken into consideration
and with the steady increase of private car use this site is simply not
sustainable and will be a heavy burden on the surrounding area and

My council has already pointed out fundamental flaws in how the number
of houses has been calculated for St Athan and I hope this advice will
be given serious consideration.


Cllr David A Elston