Local Press Release: Local Charity Trustee and Pirate running for St Athan County Council seat

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David Elston, a trustee of SAINTS - St Athan Parks Charity and active campaigner for Road & Neighbourhood Safety has decided to throw his hat into the ring and stand for election to the St Athan ward on the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

David, who was co-opted onto St Athan's Community Council on St David's Day last year is also standing for election back on to the Community Council. "I really was honoured to be appointed to represent my Flemingston & Eglwys Brewis ward," said David, "...but I think it is crucially important to be endorsed by the electorate. I hope that people will recognise what I have been able to do for the local community in the 13 months I have been on the Community Council and will return me to continue the work we've all started.

"At the same time, I thought it would be a good opportunity to stand for the St Athan ward on the Vale of Glamorgan Council - in the place where I feel most welcomed into the community. I have the time and energy to commit to this role, and I think my record of serving the St Athan district shows that I care about results."

In his role with the Community Council and working with others, David has been one of the four central people bringing much-needed funds to the area to develop the areas of play while not increasing taxes. "I am passionate about regenerating the community from the bottom up without asking the tax payer to foot even more of the bill." David said. "We need to focus funding on projects that have a direct impact on people's needs, and we need to listen to them to understand their dreams, aspirations, and problems. I want to carry my concern for the people of St Athan from my charity work into the tasks of the council."

While town and parish councils are often filled without attention to party affiliations, country and district councils are usually fought along party lines. "As a member of Pirate Party UK, my political views do not align with the traditional big two parties," David explained, "...but I think Pirate Party politics are much closer to the wishes of the electorate. Our policies are all derived from our seven core principles and focus on equality, freedom, transparency and justice so we can easily address the voters' core concerns.

"You don't have to be a technology nerd or a pirate to vote Pirate."

For more information on the principles and policies of the Pirate Party, see the party web page https://pirateparty.org.uk/.


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