Money for Parks but not for Water

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If you missed it, I got to hold this really big cheque for £2000 for our charity* in St Athan which has been set up to help improve the areas of play.


Newydd's contribution here was very generious and it'd be great to see more of their very welcoming staff that met us at the new Old Station estate throughout the company.

We're now running at over £3,500 and still growing!

The reception from St Athan's Businesses, both small and national has been enormous but let us not forget every single person whose donations ranged from a well-wishing drop in the bucket to a few figures.

I have wrote to the police, community centres in the area and other key individuals who, hopefully, can write back with their support of our project and we can use that in our fund-matching case.

Crime Reporting

Rather strangely some constituents are coming to me and the neighbourhood watch with crime reports but they are not showing up in the official monthly crime statistics. An escalation point for these kinds of issues is:

Sergeant Julie Madoc-Smart

...and don't forget to join the facebook Neighbourhood Watch group.

East Vale Residents Co. Ltd.

At the beginning of the EVRCL Annual General Meeting (which was later dubbed a Q&A due to the lack of quorm) the accounts were read out by Cadarn but they were unable to answer any questions pertaining to the accounts. The park's spend was approximately £36,000 and was stated to be “over budget” but they were unable to answer what the original budget was. I also stated initially that it was a very high cost; the Vale of Glamorgan park's department has a budget for £25,000 for similarly described works for the entire year over the entire of the Vale, to give some scope. Again Cadarn did not give comment other than they may be able to dig out some invoices. Admittedly I'm a little confused as to why they presented the accounts if they were unable to answer anything about the accounts.

After Alun Cairns MP voiced his disappointment in the company directors earlier this year and many letters and e-mails have gone unanswered, we are now starting to get some communication from EVRCL'd directors, primarily from the Acting Chairperson, Norman Wales.

After attending the Q&A the directors explained they were in the dark as much as we were as to the state of the Aquatrine/£1200 water pipeline bill. I have since invited the directors to send a representative along to a meeting with Jane Hutt and myself as we are told she is attempting to acquire funding to help ease the £1200 burden each house is being billed for – but the directors explained they have not heard back from Jane Hutt in some time.

All that being said, they were asking for volunteers to come forward, to fill the two vacant director positions, to which I was the only volunteer. I'm hoping the directors will see the value in my perspective and knowledge... and despite past differences I hope we're all more interested in solving the bigger problem, which affects every single shareholder on the estate.

Failing that, I have a real fear that many on East Camp will not be able to afford their water.