Pirate Party UK Leader issues warning to City Police #knockknock

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Image Credit: Dread Scott CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Dear London City Meme Police

Our records indicate that you have been breaking and entering into private citizens homes with the intention of taking their property under the misjudged allegation that sharing files on the internet is wrong. Secondly we are aware you also posted images of the incident to social media, using the hastag #knockknock to brag about these distressing intrusions. Taking another person's belongings without their permission is stealing. Stealing is against the law.

It is important that you cease this activity immediately.

If you do not comply, Pirates will take action to rectify the damage you have done and look to you for the recovery of any costs and damages incurred.

This action may include:
  • Legally seeking to return the assets to their rightful owners
  • Looking to suspend officers who are found of wrong-doing
  • Preventing this action from happening again
  • Seeking your arrest
For more information on why sharing files "pirating" is not stealing, please visit www.pirateparty.org.uk

Alternatively you can vote for your nearest Pirate to see Pirate Party policies become a reality, a list of candidates will be available on our website shortly.

Yours piratically

David A Elston
Pirate Party UK Acting Leader

I realise this may seem a little on the nose, but I wanted to highlight the absurdity of the below image circulating social media.

This fundamental misunderstanding or misleading statement that sharing other people's content and sharing it online being against the law and such is an act that permits the police to literally smash your front door down with a battering ram is so far off the scales it's like something out of an alternate universe.

Are we seriously living in a society so strangled by copyright that if you post something on the Internet that you didn't create yourself, the police will arrest you, by first gaining forced entry into your home? Surely this is civil dispute? No one's property has been stolen, merely placed on the big copying machine we call the Internet.

So far everyone has thankfully been outraged at this practice by the London City Police but with the recent over streatching IP Act and DE Bill powers, I can only see this as a precursor of things to come.


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