A Pirate's First Month in Government

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It is surprising how much you can learn in a month.

Most notably, last night in my first prepped council meeting, I seconded a motion for the northern access road into St Athan to have to abide by EIA Regulations, in which event it would be necessary for the application to be accompanied by an Environmental Statement (ES). The road is for the St Athan Enterprise Zone. The statement from Welsh Ministers gave the opinion an Environmental Statement was not required and it did not have to abide by EIA Regulations, despite the road running 1.8km through Green Belt fields and multiple hedgeways.

After our last council meeting I suggested improvements for openness, transparency and general sustainability to the Library's working group for their constitution. Unfortunately they're running on a strict schedule and have to complete transfer by the 31st May 2016. I expect a basic constitution will have to suffice until then but we should be meeting soon to discuss volunteer options.

Jamie the PCSO once again showed crime figures that correlated with my own deductions around a lot of car crime along with violent and serious crimes being in the majority for St Athan. This is particularly important at present as I recently submitted my response to the Improvement Objectives consultation for the Vale of Glamorgan. All submissions were crowdsourced and quantified with evidence.

There are of course, on-the-ground issues such as the public safety concerns and confusion over the sequence of street light alterations. I go into that here.

In the coming month I'm due to meet with Hannah Dineen, Senior Regeneration Officer for Planning and Regeneration to see what St Athan can benefit from and how we can map the community more effectively. I am particularly interested in the anonymous survey data Hannah will be collecting. Hannah and I will also be attending a local Food Bank event at The Gathering Place on the 12th.

I have high hopes for the meeting with GMB's Regional Political Officer, Mike Payne on how we can promote the GMB Union in the area, especially seeing as around a whopping 3000 people turned up to the potential 750 job open day from Aston Martin. I briefly had an exchange with Hazel Martin, Head of HR Recruitment for Aston Martin on how to promote their open day and congratulated them on the turn out.

In the mean time, tomorrow I am due to give a talk at Bath University on all things Pirate Party UK and how our first "Pirate in Power" is doing.

All in all, I'd say we Pirates have had a pretty successful month. We're already pushed back against the AMs bad call on the environment and immediately represented the constituents while making connections with the investing parties, unions and charities.

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