Pre-Election Donations Live Blog

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This Pre-Election Live Blog will be edited in real time to give a timeline on how much money we are raising for the GE2017 snap election.

We had always known we would make 2017 the year of the Pirate, making real successes in local elections but we never thought we’d have so many come forward wanting to #BeThePirate for the snap general election.

We now have a staggering ten candidates, meaning we need to raise £5000 in deposits alone!

But it doesn't stop there. Many more have come forward wanting to stand up for their local communities and to fight back against the government, to protect our civil liberties from being eroded.

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The donations towards our general election campaign have been outstanding.

18th April: Our first promising donations came sailing when we put out our party newsletter and we immediately had some big donations covering over 20% of our first deposit, reaching £112.

20th April: Some very generous donations allowed us to reach £412, almost completely funding one Pirate deposit.

24th April: The donations keep coming, pushing us to £437.

26th April: We had already received enough to fully fund one Pirate deposit, reaching £537.

27th April: More contributions trickle in, taking the total to £547.

29th April: By now our new total is: £597

2nd May: We're going in the right direction, reaching £692... and 74 pence!

6th May: Slowly building those deposits, now at £717.72

8th May: With even more donations coming in and we reach £767.72

9th May: You rounded us up to a very lucky number! £777.77

10th May: Another tenner came our way: £787.77

11th May: On the final day for nominations to be submitted, we reached £837.77

16th May: On the eve of our manifesto launch we have raised £862.77

19th May: After a little bit of publicity, we reached £887.77

21st May: Lucky us! Another backer pushes us closer: £912.77

22nd May: The total keeps on creeping upwards: £952.77

23rd May: People really are giving what they can, £2 dropped our way: £954.77


More updates to follow as donations come in...


If you'd like to drop a few doubloons our way, or maybe a bit more than a few pieces of eight, not only would we be eternally grateful, but you’d be helping to pave the way to creating a free culture. Donate here.