Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone

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I was running through my head the number of people who helped make the Bridgend 106 a reality and thought to myself “I must thank them”. By the time I tallied them all up, a blog post seemed inevitable. So many people worked tirelessly to give Piracy a voice in our democracy.

Let's get started!

I think it would be pretty bold of me  to start a series of Thank-Yous without starting with Loz. As I have said before, you're the first leader of any party who I actually believed and who I could tell actually believed in what he was saying. You never once resigned to the tired old Westminster soundbites and despite everything, delivered you next sentence with a grace and cheer that gives our politics a sense of hope, something the other party leaders should really take note of. I've never seen a leader so approachable, even on the night of the count, you checked in with me down in Bridgend to make sure I, personally, was doing all right.

A very deserving thanks is due to all my fellow candidates, Cris, Mark, Sam, Andy and again Loz. The pooling our knowledge, sharing our resources and the weekly candidate meet-ups were hugely influential to my campaign. The victory down here is as much mine as it is yours, I feel I owe you all new keyboard with the word-count you must have clocked, repling to my e-mails, sending me materials and uploading new information to our shared spaces.

There were so many activists on twitter, facebook and reddit that all came out in support of our campaign in Bridgend. @danfoxdavies @RayJoha2 @hackerfantastic @wendycrockcroft @DMSCduck and so many others were instrumental to getting my follower base increased and the message that the Pirate Party has landed in Wales out there. Not forgetting @1BDesign who was the first person to announce he would be voting for me here!

A particularly old friend of the Pirate Party, especially internationally was Anonymous. I saw many Anons come out in support of our party once again and I look forward to strengthening these ties once more. We had @t0p_100 from AnonUK Radio who pledged on air he would be voting for us where-ever possible. @xugla (aka Kanjin), someone who always calls it how he sees it, also showed deep compassion for many of our objectives. @StlGal_38 was also never short to show affection for the Pirate cause.

I suppose it would also be wrong of me not to thank my fellow candidates down here in Bridgend. Each candidate I spoke with, discussed their and my views with the utmost respect. I was deeply encouraged by the volume of anti-austerity opposition that showed at The Count.

There are also many people within the Party, on the Board and in the NEC that deserve much more thanks than I can really express. Much of your work was hidden in the background from me as a candidate and much of it is hard to label, so I'll simply say thank you for keeping the engine room working while those of us above board are fighting.

But this is where I get really cliché and say my biggest thanks rests with my mostly a-political girlfriend, Rebecca. You think you didn't help at all or that in some way, you felt you were getting in the way. The reality is you showed me tremendous support while going through a huge increase in responsibilities at your work and during your studies, not to mention a horde of other things. You're mostly disinterested in politics but took an interest to help me and words will never show just how important that is to me. You even pirate-themed our Easter!

Now don't get nervous. I know we've had a few announcements of Pirates needing some much needed time to step back and reconnect with loved ones and return to their personal lives – but this Pirate has plenty of fight in him yet.

There are so many positives to draw from this election and plenty of criticisms we need to be ready to let hit us, full force, in order to improve. Let us all band together in what is going to be 5 years of hell under this Conservative government. We must find these solutions together.

The establishment have made it clear. They want to operate in private and think every innocent person should have absolutely no privacy. We say no! We say this Government is backwards! YOU should act in complete openness and OUR individual privacy should be respected!

In short, what I'm saying to you is, let's cause some trouble for those out of touch parties. We're Pirates and we're here to stay!

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