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The answer to #WhyPirate is so obvious to me.

We understand politics are local: To the Daily Wales I explained that in Wales we want to see reform of the Welsh Language act to move to allowing Welsh to flourish instead of being protected and greater devolution to allow Wales to stand on it's own two feet. Powers to protect itself against against fracking and make decisions that are in Wales' best interest.

We understand looking outward can fix the inward problems: With Carter TV Interviews I explained our digital economy needs to come to Wales. By improving our broadband to European levels, it solves our over-population and congestion issues in cities and brings much needs jobs and revenue into Wales by allowing remote working or greater entrepreneurship.

We know the fight for digital rights and civil liberties are both global and eternal: I spoke with those who self-identify as Anonymous and Anonymous sympathisers on AnonUK Radio about how important the freedom of Piracy really is. Anonymous and Pirates have always featured side by side in the media – Anonymous with the internet hacktivism and just a touch of trolling and Pirates in the elections. We spoke about how a man “Weev” was sent to prison for showing how poor security was on an apple website – and instead of being praised for showing the vulnerability for both the public interest and for the company to improve, he was imprisoned.

We are international: I wrote to the Pirate Times about how politics doesn't have to be grey. It can be an exciting new frontier where we embrace the future instead of thinking how best we can legislate in attempt to lock it down and we are branching out into new countries (like me in Wales!)

We aren't afraid of breaking tradition: And of course, the inevitable question, why the name “Pirate”. Well as the Wales Eye reports the Whigs took their name from an insult. They dared for something better and took this label assigned to them as something to champion. Because of this solid and bold conviction they became the Tories biggest enemy. Pirates aren't inclined to resign to the classic menu of parties out there. We look to solutions, not convention and our name reflects that.

We stand by our values and change our method with new evidence: Free speech is an absolute unnegotiable red line for Pirates, something we would won't sell out for a chance at power... and we certainly wouldn't sell out the students.  Unlike the old powers at Westminister we're pledged to the people not a party whip. We look at the evidence to be able to provide equally for all, not a “feeling” of what the common good is... and we don't blame immigrants for everything.

Perhaps most importantly I understand the Pirate Party isn't just my party, or even our party. The Pirate Party is your party. Everything we stand on, every policy, every vote, every seat is decided by you. We're not the establishment, we're not a “people's army”. We are individuals who have all come to the same conclusion – Trust needs to be restored in democracy and in order to do that, you have to vote for who you trust, not vote against those you fear the most.

#Why Pirate?

(here it comes!)

We think different
We vote different
We are Pirates