You need a new political party

David Elston's picture

While the fury over the Conservative Government winning the election drives on; the disillusionment in politics will be ripe but thankfully we're seeing the opposite of that in the Pirate Party.

So many people are coming forward to make the Pirate Party stronger and with an even wider range of skills. What encourages me more than anything is that each of these new voices start by offering us something new. No one is clutching for power or to get their personal agenda in. So many are hearing the call to action and want to help make us a strong opposition to those out of date parties sat in Westminster.

With this in mind, I'd like to say a big welcome to all our new Pirates.

Not all parties are enjoying this success and we need to keep encouraging others to join us. So many good people thought the Liberal Democrats were the party for youth, for protecting students and for personal freedoms yet were monumentally betrayed when they finally got into Government. I say to these people, you need a new party.

I often speak with disillusioned Green Party members who understand the importance of net neutrality and digital freedoms but wish their party listened more. They tell me for such a young party, the gears of change are slow moving and the party already seems set in its ways. To you I say, as someone who tried to change the Greens from within, look for a new party.

Many smaller parties fought in this election, fielding around one to two candidates. They used this platform for their voice to be heard and their policies taken seriously. I congratulate you all, we heard your voice, we listened and now we extend the invitation for you to look for a party that will influence the political debate, with crowd-sourced polices. You need a new party too!

Let us bolster our Pirate-ranks ready for the next campaign. Digital freedoms, personal privacy and openness in Government are under threat more than ever. Let us stand united and stand tall. The Tories are back in power and we've got a hell of a fight on our hands.