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I, too, am moving on

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As I quietly announced on Twitter on Sunday morning - I, too, am moving on.

I have been quietly working in the background of the party for somewhere around 6 years, and in that time I have done and been involved with a lot of things.  Hopefully I've left them in better shape than I found them.

It's time for some new blood, and some new ways of thinking.

My reasons for passing this on are many and varied, but suffice it to say, I believe I have made the correct decision.  I have just embarked upon a Master's degree, I'm on the final stretch of a notice period at work and I need to step back and work out what I do over the next few years.

It has been one hell of a ride.  I have worked with some fantastic people, and made some close friends.  I have spoken with hundreds of people at events, on the doorstep, by email and face-to-face.  This has been seriously, honestly, life changing for me; I hope I've done my bit.  I feel we can be proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time.

Whilst a few of us stepping back has undoubtedly caused some ripples, I completely believe that this is the right decision at completely the right time.  I hope the party builds upon the solid foundations which have been laid, and use this upcoming period to regroup, strengthen and really lay out the direction it will take over the coming years.

I wish the party and all of its members all the very best in the future.

Introducing our new Community site!

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Community LogoAs part of our ongoing work to totally revamp our websites, I'm pleased to announce the launch of https://community.pirateparty.org.uk!

You can use it to grill candidates asking for your vote, discuss policy, swap resources and information, and to start to get involved in branches.

We hope that this can become a hub for our members and supporters to interact with each other and so build a true online Pirate Community from the base up.

I welcome any feedback you may have on it; you can either leave your feedback directly on there, in the comments below or you can drop me an email at [email protected]

Our new website - a month on

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We have been running on our new website for over a month now, and we are seeing a whole lot more interaction between our members on the things which matter to us.

If you haven't yet migrated your account, you need to do so by going to the migrate page or by clicking the "Move Your Account" button on the right hand side of this post (and which appears on every page of the website).New Site

Migrating your account will allow you to make sure that your information is up-to-date, will allow for far more interaction with what we have to offer, and will ensure you can vote in any internal elections.

Another thing our new site offers is all members now have their own blog, which you can make use of if you wish, and which gives each of us a much larger voice in the output we can now offer.

We have now fully transitioned to our new site, and the old infrastructure is no longer active.  If you have still to migrate your account, I urge you to take the five minutes and do so to ensure you can continue using your account with us.

Seeking Ruby Developers!

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We may have a new website, but that is just the start of our plans to open up politics.  In association with Lancaster University, we want to take the lessons we learnt in our "Policy Alpha" project which ran on reddit, twitter and elsewhere, and formed our manifesto in 2012, and take it to the next step: Policy Beta.

About Policy Beta

Policy Beta is our next big IT project.  We want to create a digital platform for citizens to network, generate ideas, debate issues, and vote on the policies that we will adopt.  It's going to be our way of deciding the Party's direction and with that, the pressure we put on government.  Policy Beta will do what we did manually in Policy Alpha back in 2011/12 and much more. It will be a custom fit, open source platform for crowdsourcing public policy.

But its not just for us: As a way of crowdsourcing ideas, Policy Beta will deal with the lack of participation in the way political parties and, indeed, modern democracies work when it comes to gathering ideas.  It will be an open source platform, which means anyone will be able to make use of it, extend it or help us to improve it.

We'd like you to join us and our partners at Lancaster University to get this project across the line.  Right now we are looking for developers, but as with our other large IT projects, there will be lots of stuff you can get involved with!

It has been a packed few weeks!

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The 18th saw the 4th ever NEC physical meeting in Sheffield which was a fantastic opportunity for our new NEC to all meet in the same place for the first time and discuss the plans for the coming year.

As you are aware, the immediate focus is on the EU elections coming up in May.  Jason Winstanley, our Nominations Officer, recently sent out a final call for potential candidates#1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">1; as stated in that email and blog post, you have until the 11th of February to put yourself forward if you want a chance to join our existing pool of candidates.

At the beginning of this meeting, the NEC also voted to adopt a new organisational structure#2" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">2 - however this chart is supposed to be descriptive of the party as it exists, rather than imposing new structure.  Hopefully, by sharing this document we can give some clarity to you, our members, about who to get hold of and who is responsible for a given area.

We also agreed upon our aims and priorities for the upcoming year, with a focus on the national, local and issue-based campaigns we wish to run, as well as plans to increase our outward (and inward) facing information such as Election Reviews, Press Output and the next stage of our Policy platform, Policy Beta.